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Here at SEO Cheat Guides we have a passion for making things simple. We don't want you to spend your time performing repetitive tasks, endlessly researching untested techniques or generally working too hard. Instead, we want to cut through all the mundane day-to-day tasks and have you bring your SEO business to the next level. All the while you'll be doing less work than you ever thought possible. Our mission is to show everyone how simple it is to make their SEO business more successful, more profitable and more fun! It's time to get your business working for you.

The SEO Cheat Guides Story

Much like our mantra for keeping things simple, SEO Cheat Guides' beginnings were borne from a desire to do as little of the repetitive tasks as possible while still offering great service to clients. After working hard to build my own SEO business I kept thinking that there MUST be an easier way to handle all the necessary but boring and repetitive tasks to successfully rank a site. I hired low cost virtual assistants but at first the difficulty in explaining tasks, especially the same ones, over and over to different assistants was very frustrating. I began to create step by step guides for my virtual assistants and after that things flowed MUCH smoother. Now most of my days are about getting new clients not pulling my hair out over the existing ones because my step by step guides allow me to delegate the tasks, easily and inexpensively. Check out our guides and choose the right one for you!

Stuart Trier


Guide Creation

At SEO Cheat Guides we are not only in the simplification business we are in the SEO business as well. We use our knowledge of all things SEO to offer guides that are effective and useful for everyone. We use them in our own business to help us achieve scalability and we know you can use them to help grow your business and make it more profitable. We also update our guides constantly with new ones being added all the time so that we can help you stay on top of the ever changing landscape in this business.


With years of direct experience SEO Cheat Guides has developed an extremely effective program for gaining more sales, outsourcing tasks, becoming more profitable and most importantly having more fun while we work! We drive simple so that you can drive your business forward. Check out our Products page for more information.


While many people use our guides to walk them through their SEO tasks and to provide some much needed direction you can unlock their full potential by combining them with an outsourcing program. Let us teach you how to free up your time and to get your tasks done for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. You can become much more profitable and actually do less work. You can focus on what really matters in your business and in your life. It's time to get the work/life balance you know deserve!

Let Us Know

Here at SEO Cheat Guides we pride ourselves on having big ears to listen. We take our member's suggestions very seriously and we listen to our members needs by creating custom guides and making them available to everyone. While we do take private requests we definitely prefer to benefit as many people as possible by posting them for all member of our site. In this industry we succeed by working together. Post your requests on our BLOG today.

How Our Guides Work

1 Download the guide for the task you want to complete

2 Fill in the required information

3 Follow the steps in the guide or better yet...send it to an Assistant to do the work for you. It's literally as easy as 1-2-3