How to Add Leverage to Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

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Hey guys. Stuart Trier from SEO Cheat Guides. Today I want to talk to you about the most effective way to market your business either with marketing and/or with sales. You want to take a one to many approach as opposed to doing things one to one. One to one doesn’t have the benefit of using leverage where as one to many really does have that benefit. I want to walk through all of the benefits I see of the one to many approach.

One to many versus one to one. One to one is very personal. It’s difficult to locate and lock in time with the decision maker. What you end up finding is that you’re very often at the whim of the business owner you want to speak with in terms of their schedule, in terms of their timing, which is okay if you’re trying to build a very niche consulting business. If you’re trying to scale up your business, you need to be in the position where your time is the highest valued resource in your business and you want to be focused on things that are of the highest and best use of your time.

Under the one to one approach, all of your time becomes devoted to selling one person at a time. If you don’t sell them, you need to move on to the next person and redo all of the work in order to repitch them. Often this comes with issues of getting past gatekeepers, which is another issue a lot of us face. One to one, most common examples are analyst phone calls, proposals, and just constantly being asked to send a proposal without any kind of validation that they’re going to move forward with you or in-person meetings, which is another time suck that a lot of spend our time on.

One to many is less personal. It allows you to position yourself as an expert. You’re taking kind of the position of here is the authority on that niche or that particular segment of the market or that particular solution and you’re presenting it in a way that’s perfect for your ideal buyer. This has the benefit of positioning you as an expert. It allows you to get in front of many decision makers and also those that can influence. Let’s say you’re putting out content for your niche and business owner’s employee finds your content. They’re able to influence your boss or the business owner to move forward with you because they’re seeing that you’re the authority on the topic.

This becomes a more effective use of your time. It enables you to create and refine that perfect pitch and you’re able to do it in a way where it’s non-douchey or salesy. It’s more this is how I can serve you. You’re adding value to the community and along the way the people that are at that point where they’re ready to engage with you and value you as the authority in their niche and are willing to pay that premium price to work with you, those are the people that are going to reach out to you and they’re going to be further along that buying process. It’s not so much going to be dependent on you selling them. It’s going to be more whether or not there’s a fit between what you offer and what they need.

One to many, again, most common examples would be using video sales letters to kind of pull people through a process and explain the value proposition to them. If it’s a higher cost solution that you’re selling, you may want to do it with an automated webinar or even just a live webinar but where you’re bringing in multiple business owners at the same time so that you can give that presentation and leverage the fact that multiple people are seeing it.

You can do the same thing with live training pulling five, six, seven hundred business owners in your community into a room, providing training on some aspect of digital marketing that you’re an expert on and it has the advantage of positioning you as an expert. It puts you at the front of the room and it allows you to take advantage of a lot of positive things that happened by putting yourself at the front of the room, educating that crowd, having them view you as an expert, creating that authority, and then setting the buying criteria. They’re coming to you. They want your help. You’re not going to them and engaging in conversations where you’re trying to selling somebody something they don’t really want. You’d rather have that pull strategy where they’re coming to you and asking for your help.

What does this mean for you? You can pack more value into your time preparing a one to many education based marketing pitch. This is where you would invest your time, add value to your niche, constantly look for ways to bring value to the community that you serve, and then focus on the niche, the audience problem, allow you to cookie cutter an approach that won’t seem generic to them. The whole idea is that you’re tailoring your pitch to this niche so it seems very personalized to the business owners that you serve because you are only talking to them about their problem. You are calling out that niche and you are offering them a solution that seems very tailored for them.

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