How to Attract Clients With Intention, Not Luck

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How To Attract Clients – Don’t Leave This To Chance

Today, I wanted to talk to you about how running a half marathon, much like learning how to attract clients for your digital marketing business, is way better when you have a plan versus hope alone.

I’m going to be running a half marathon in October and really, I took a very systematic approach in looking at how I was going to prepare myself to be in a position to complete the race.

First and foremost, obviously, I had to book the race.

Second, I had to figure out what time and location it’s going to be at.

Then I hopped online and looked for a training plan where I broke that down by week, then by day.

I took a very systematic approach so that with 100% certainty I know I’m going to complete that race (admittedly I don’t care about time as much but I am competitive with myself).

Now, could I have showed up on October 1st and tried to run that race?

Sure, I could have done that. But would it has been as effective of a strategy? Absolutely not!

What I’m trying to tell you here is no different when you want to attract your ideal buyers into your business and really move them through their buying decision using a systematic approach.

You want to have a plan. You want to have a strategy in place!

You don’t want to depend on hope alone because it’ll be a LONG road.

What does that really mean?

Well, when you want to attract an ideal client you’ve got to look at the starting point and ending points of where they are and where you want them to be.

If your end goal is that you want them to give you a check to help them solve a problem then you simply want to reverse engineer the steps that have to happen before that would happen.

Let’s examine this for a minute.

Before they’re going to give you a check and say, “Yes, I want your help with this problem,” you need to present them with an offer.

Before you present them with an offer, you need to understand what their problem is.

Before you understand what their problem is, you need to establish that you’re somebody that can help.

They then need to reach out to you and as we all know, there’s a number of steps that have to happen.

So really, that attraction strategy is really what we want to talk about here today.

There is no doubt that it becomes a lot easier to have people attracted to you and then engage in conversations that ultimately lead to putting an offer in front of them if you really understand their problems, can communicate your understanding and can convey that you have their solution.

Overall, we want to take a systematic approach to breaking that interaction down and ensuring that we can dictate much of how that conversation would go.

What I’m proposing you do is to pick a niche and say, “Okay, this is the business I want to focus on.”

Then I would pick a problem you know a business owner in that niche has.

Then you need to design how you can solve that problem using your digital marketing skills.

Next, I would pick a piece of content. It could be a blog, an article, could be a video or even something that you’re going to put together to serve your niche and really what you want to do is to demonstrate;

“Here is the problem you have, Mr. Business Owner. Here are the steps between this problem and the solution. Let me detail what I would do to walk you through it.”

Yes, you are going to briefly walk them through solving the problem themselves!

It sounds like you’re actually going to cut yourself out of business and you’re not wrong.  There’s going to be a percentage of people (generally very small) who are going to take that content you’ve provided and then go and implement it themselves.

But you know what?

They never would’ve used your services anyway!

The others however will want you to help them get the work done because business owners, especially small business owners, are overworked. They don’t have extra capacity in their business and  there certainly aren’t people sitting around in the office just waiting for things to do like there are at big Fortune 500 corporations.

Theses are the owners that are bringing you in to help them implement the strategy that you clearly (and concisely) laid out in that content you created.

Really your goal should be to pick the niche, pick the problem, pick a solution, put together a piece of content that is going to be that attraction strategy for your ideal buyer.

Then you need to pick a distribution method. Maybe you’re going to post on YouTube, maybe you’re going to cold email, maybe some other method…All you’re trying to do is add value and then allow them to come to you.

The call to action does not even need to be terribly overt.

Remember, this isn’t intended as a sales pitch.

You definitely don’t want to be that guy that comes into a group or sends a cold e-mail that said, “Hey, I can help you with everything.”

It’s just not well-received….BY ANYONE!

Nobody wants to hear how you think you’re an expert. They want you to demonstrate that expertise.

When you demonstrate that expertise, they’re going to be attracted to you.

They know they have a problem and don’t know how to solve it.

If they did, the problem would already be solved.

Your job is only to articulate the problem they have (making them comfortable you understand them), walk them through the steps to get to a solution and then allow them the opportunity to engage in a conversation with you.

THIS is a systematic approach for how to attract clients and when you’ve spent the time to dial it in you’ll be amazed at how quickly and profitably you’ll grow!

If your new to the digital marketing game you can learn how to get your first clients by checking out our video and learning our strategy.


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