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Hey guys, Stuart Trier here from SEO Cheat Guides. Today I want to talk to you about how to begin to build your attraction straight. We’re going to hop on and go through this presentation. All right, so how to begin to build your attract strategy. By the end of this video, you’ll have a multi step plan to approach your ideal prospects, you’re going to grab their attention, you’re going to add a tremendous amount of value, and you’re going to position yourself as an expert so they get to know, like, and trust you. Really, that’s what we’re trying to achieve with attraction strategy. We want to pull in those ideal prospects. We want to slowly move them up through the process until they’re an eight, or a nine, or a 10 in terms of likelihood to buy your core services.

All right, so in today’s presentation we’re going to use an example niche. In this niche we’re going to use garage door. Again, this is a framework that you can apply to whatever niche you’re in. You can take the framework that we’re going to walk through today, and just put your niche into it, and if you follow along and use this kind of framework, you’re automatically going to attract your ideal prospects in your niche, they’re going to get to know, like, and trust you. They’re going to look at you as an authority. They’re going to be prepared to pay you a premium price for the services that you deliver. Which, is what we all want in our marketing agencies.

All right, so in this video we’re going to focus on step one of the three step process of attract, convert, and deliver. This is how you scale your business, but today we’re only focusing on the attraction phase. All right, so attract. In this particular niche for a garage door installers, we would start by building a list. How I would do this, is I would go to the manufactures of the garage doors, and I would scrape their dealer network, right? These guys have dealers that are specific to them, they have dealers who sell all the banners, but reality is, they keep those lists up to date. If you’re going to operate in a niche and niche down, you want to make sure you have a list of all of your prospects, and this is just a great way to do it in this particular niche.

Obviously you’ll have to figure out the best way to build your list for whatever niche you’re operating in, but for the garage door industry I suspect this is the best way to do it. As you’ll see, Clopay has one, Amarr has one. They list out their dealers, they give all of that information. This is the perfect opportunity for us to go and scrape it. It’s really easy, we know it’s accurate. It gives us who they’re working with, and it’s just likely the path of least resistance to build that perfect list.

I wouldn’t do this myself, I would hand this off to a VA. This is what I would call, “Delegatable,” work. Depending on where you are in your journey, if you’re just starting out, you may need to do this in the beginning. Ultimately what you’d be looking to do as soon as you have some resource, would be to delegate this kind of activity. This is not a high level activity, it’s something that’s repeatable, and this is the perfect thing to kind of outsource.

All right, so next up in our attract would be to build quality content. This content in my mind, would love on your blog for your digital marketing agency, specifically niche down. I would have a page specifically for whatever niche I’m focusing on. When I say a page, I would have a website designed specifically for that niche so everything on this market site is about serving the people in this niche. This would be blog content that I would want to pull together. I’d probably want to pull together three to start, and these are the three I might start with. How garage door installers can easily land five star reviews and more clients. That would be kind of the title. Then I’d have garage door installers can create better content. How garage door installers can convert more leads.

These would be three kind of initial blog posts that I’d want to pull together. I would spend a good amount of time pulling it together, to make sure that if a garage door installer lands on this page, they’re going to get tremendous amounts of value from engaging with your content.

All right, so the content is really important, right? These are things like, you would want to give them the step by step guide to do it. You have to remember, these guys are not marketers, they don’t wake up in the morning thinking about marketing. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to see how to implement the ideas that you’re giving to them, and/or how these ideas would benefit them. You’re not necessarily under the expectation that these guys are going to go and do it. But what we’re trying to do is frame up that you’re an expert, you know how to do it, you’ve documented how to do it, you do this for your clients all the time. This is best practice in this niche, and you’re really demonstrating that you understand the niche to a high level.

I wouldn’t have any real calls to action within the blog posts, but I would probably have a banner on the side that would have some kind of call to action. Maybe it’s a 15 minute free strategy session, where you’re talking to them about how you can help them scale up their business, or attract more customers, or really whatever your core service is. But it would be a strategy session. I would cap it at 15 minutes, I would probably push them to a Calendly link where they can book that call with you. There’s a percentage of people that are going to land on your content to see this, and be ready to buy right away, and this is just the way to kind of elevate those people through your funnel.

Content piece number two is can we create better content? I would give them 12 content ideas for the particular niche. In this case, garage door installers for this post. I would pull together 12 great content kind of ideas, how I would frame them up. I would walk through it, and really show them how to do content creation for their niche. On top of that, I would explain all of the benefits,. I wouldn’t take it for granted that a garage door installer necessarily understands why putting out great content is going to be beneficial to them, how it’s going to attract the local buyers in their area to find them. How Google looks at it in terms of quality content, how you’re going to keep people on their page longer, and eventually move them up in the search.

This is kind of where you get to show them that you understand both digital marketing, and the niche, right? If you’re able to communicate that clearly in a post, you’re positioning yourself as an expert, and really that’s what we’re looking to do. We’re looking to differentiate your business, and take market share in their mind, that you’re the go to source for digital marketing.

All right, so if you need help with this I have a video on the YouTube channel that can walk you through a strategy to get a ton of great content ideas for whatever niche you’re working on. It’s “How to make $6,240 sale today.” You can just Google that on YouTube, and you’ll find that, and you can go through that. It will show you step by step, kind of how to create a content calendar very easily in two or three minutes for any niche, and you can use it obviously for the garage door niche if this was the niche you were in.

All right, so the next one would be can you convert more leads? Here what I would do is I would start to talk to them about retargeting, and I would connect it to the three big revenue drivers in the business. For the garage door industry, this is new garage doors, garage door repairs, and garage door openers. In your niche, it’s the same deal, right? You need to understand what are the revenue drivers in the niche you’re targeting, and this is where you’re going to start to connect the dots on how retargeting is going to benefit the niche. How you’re going to take people that have buyer intent landing on their page that leave for whatever reason. The phone rang, kids are crying, husband or wife needs attention. Whatever is really happening in their life that they leave the page, you’re going to show them how to bring those people back, and convert more of them into paying clients, right? How they can setup a pixel, and stay top of mind. You’re going to show them how it works.

You may have a banner on the side of this one offering to kind of do the done for you setup of retargeting for them. Again, all you’re trying to do is make soft sales on every post. You need to make sure that there is value in every post that they land on, where they are getting information that is valuable to them, if they want to take that information and use it themselves, if they want to take that information and send it to their marketer. Don’t feel like you’re missing out.

What you’re doing is you’re positioning yourself as that expert. Ultimately what’s going to happen is their existing marketers going to screw up and not deliver, and then you’re the next person they’re going to contact. Or, they’re going to land a few more clients, have some budget put aside, and realize, “You know what? Every week they read, or every two weeks they read content from you, they get value. You’re the person to call if they want to scale their business.”

Ultimately what we want to do is we want to continue this process. We want to build out 26 touch points for a year. Ultimately I take out a spreadsheet, I put 26 content ideas that I want to pull together for the particular niche. I’d make sure that I’m dripping out information to them every two weeks at a minimum, with value. Every time they hear from you, they’re getting value from you. You’ll own top of mind, and then you’ll become the go to source for this niche in terms of digital marketing. Which, is ultimately the position you want to hold.

I’d email and share this content where they hangout. I’d email them directly, but I’d also share it in any groups where your buyers are congregating. Any kind of associations, I would email the associations and see if they want to share the content. Again, if there’s no pitch within the content, a lot of times associations are happy to share that content, because it serves their membership. They want to be able to add value, and this is just another way that they can do it. You want to look for those opportunities to get that information kind of shared on all of the social channels. If you’re adding pure value, people will find it, and they’ll start to move up that know, like, and trust. They’ll move to an eight, or a nine, or a 10 in terms of likelihood to want to do business with you.

This is really how you build that predictable growth strategy. Once you have a system like this, you can plug other people into it, where they’re helping you build a list, they’re helping you build the content, and really what you’re doing is you’re looking for opportunities to stay the MVP in the niche, right? The Most Valuable Player in the niche in terms of digital marketing, so that when people are ready to buy a service that you offer, you’re the natural choice that they’re going to want to go to.

I hope you got something from this. If you did, definitely hit the subscribe button on YouTube. Give me a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. Leave a comment or a question, I’m happy to engage with you here on the channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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