How the Average Person Can Achieve Above Average Results in Digital Marketing

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Hey guys, today I want to talk to you about how the average guy, or the average girl can experience above average results, in terms of making money online in digital marketing. So number one, I’m gonna start with what I’m seeing and then I’m gonna give you three kind of strategies to follow that should lead you to the path of making money online, above what the average person is doing. So number one problem I see online, is people start off as dabblers, they dabble in SEO, the PPC, then PPO, then SEM, and then whatever latest craze comes on. It’s kind of like they were mortgage brokers, then real estate agents, and now they’re Bitcoin experts. People that jump around from thing to thing, they just don’t master anything, they can’t build that audience, they can’t build that repoire, they can’t be experts at solving problems, and they are not committed to the long-term game, right?

So the number one thing that you want to figure out is, who do you want to serve, who’s your audience? Once you figure out who your audience is, whether you call that an avatar, and ideal prospect, you need to know who you want to serve because as soon as you have clarity on who you want to serve, it becomes a lot easier to add value to that persons life. So number one step is, figure out who do you want to serve, right? The more specific that person is, the more dialed in that avatar or ideal prospect is, the easier it is for you to have clarity on what you can do for them to add value.

Number two, you need to figure out your voice, right? How are you gonna communicate with them? Is that gonna be through blogging? Is it gonna be through podcasting? Is it gonna be through video? Is it gonna be at live events? Are you gonna do webinars? Are you gonna jump on the radio? There’s tons of ways for you to interact with people and for you to demonstrate the value you’re gonna serve them with, you just need to figure out how you’re gonna deliver that value to them and position yourself in the market as somebody whose committed to adding a tremendous amount of value to that ideal prospect’s life.

Step number three is just that, commit to adding the value. Look for ways to serve your ideal prospects, serve them so much that it hurts. You really need to think about it from that perspective, you’re building a relationship with people, it’s one to many relationship. So very often what happens is, you’re creating value by building your blog or your podcast, or your video channel, or doing live events where many people are coming out, you’re committing to serving the majority of people knowing full well that they’re not gonna give you any money. But, what you’re doing there is, you’re building repoire with a lot of people, you’re building your social capital with a large group. Ultimately, what ends up happening is, a percentage of the people that you’re serving, are gonna want to move up that value ladder with you. So you just need to understand and have trust and faith in the fact that if you serve a growing crowd, a percentage of them are gonna be very happy to engage you on higher level services. Some are gonna come in here, then a percentage are gonna go to the next level, and a percentage of them are gonna go to the next level.

Very often what happens is, when people are committed to serving and adding a tremendous amount of value, it almost seems like they’re having overnight success, but the reality of it is, they’re committed. They committed to that audience, so they knew who they were gonna serve, they committed to their voice, and they constantly decided, “I’m gonna do blogging,” or “I’m gonna do video,” or “I’m gonna do podcasting.” Pat Flynn’s been doing this for a long time, right? Now he’s an authority, but he started off with a small podcast that grew slowly over time. There’s a lot of examples of that online, people like to focus on the people that are making money overnight, but realistically, they’re not making money overnight, they’re committed to a long-term game. Ty Lopez started with video, is still doing video, he’s great at it, he’s leveraged it up, but the reality of it is, he’s only done that and then everything else around the ecosystem happened after. So rather than focus on the “superstars”, we should focus on the fundamentals, which are serve your audience, get your voice, and make sure that you’re adding value.

If you do that, an average person is certainly gonna have above average results online, that’s really the quickest way I know that you’re gonna make money online. This applies, even if you have the job, it’s the same concept, right? Your audience is probably your boss, your voice is gonna be more along the lines of what you’re doing for them at the business, but adding value above and beyond what they’re paying you to do, is the surest way for you to move up in an organization.

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