How to Become an Authority for Your Niche

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Expert Positioning Leads To A Stronger Business

In this video and BLOG going to share how to easily become an authority for your niche market by using a little creativity and strategy in the overall plan for your digital marketing agency.  By the end of this you’ll be able to use expert positioning to your advantage.

Overall your whole business comes down to mastering three small systems, and that’s it!

  1. How to attract your ideal prospects
  2. How to convert prospects into clients
  3. How to deliver a wow-experience

Step 1 in authority building is to ensure that you are servicing a specific niche.

If you haven’t picked your niche yet, you can check out my video, “How to pick a niche for your digital marketing business.” It will walk you through the steps we use to ensure that we are selecting a niche to target that fits our abilities…and one that is bound to be profitable.

Next, you’ve got to have some form of conversion asset specific to your niche.

So, let me start by saying your website is a good start and that it has two objectives. Number one is to position you as an authority and number two is to collect leads.

Don’t kid yourself though. Capturing s business owner’s attention is a difficult challenge today. It’s hard to stand out.

As marketers continue to bombard business owners with the same crappy offers, ‘all ranking number one on Google’ which is perhaps the most overused offer out there.

So that brings me to my first point. One of the benefits of niching down and becoming an authority is no more generic spammy offers!

By picking your niche, you have a clear vision of who your ideal prospect is.

This makes your job as a marketer so much easier. You can stay laser-focused on how you can serve them best.

It’s very simple to create content specifically for them an by creating quality content, specifically for your niche, you begin to position yourself as your niche’s marketing authority.

That’s when the game changes.

You no longer have to depend solely on referrals or cold outreach or spammy offers. You can attract your ideal prospects right to you.

You’ll literally use your marketing site to convert them from prospects to clients on autopilot.

I know the next question. But what type of content?

You have a ton of value to share with your market. Remember, most local business owners are spending their days running their companies. They don’t have the same passion we do for digital marketing. They don’t spend their time keeping up with which strategies and which tactics are working today.

More importantly, they aren’t investing the time, in looking for what best practices are and examples of how to apply it to their business. By simply taking what you know about marketing and looking for ways to package up that content, specifically for your ideal prospects, you’ll quickly transform from a generic marketer to the go-to source for marketing ideas in that business.

To help you, I wanted to give you seven marketing ideas you can explore, to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Things like;

  • Retargeting
  • Lead magnets
  • Auto-responders
  • Surveys
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Guides and How To’s
  • Testimonials and how they can use them to really build trust
  • Etc.

You can set up short tutorials about what each of these marketing tactics are and how they can use them in their business then place them on your site where your prospects can watch them.

By teaching your prospects about what they can do themselves you’re positioning yourself as an expert. You’re also informing them on how they can improve their marketing (though most are too busy to do it on their own).

This will inevitably lead to some of those business owners contacting you for help with implementation and when they contact you, sales becomes a lot easier.

You’re the authority. They know they have the problem, they know you have the solution and since you’re an authority in their niche and you’re not selling a commodity any more, something like just generic SEO, rather you’re selling strategic marketing services. Which means higher margins for you.

Okay, so now you know what content to create. Go test it in your niche. Share it freely on social media, email that out to your list. Drive people back to your marketing site. I’m going to cover how to capture leads, by producing authority content in future videos and blogs.

Enjoy and happy prospecting.


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