How to Become an Authority by Playing Your Game

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Hey guys, Stuart Trier here, from SEO Cheat Guides. So today I wanna talk to you about how to become an expert, or an authority, for your tribe, and how you do that by playing your game. So really, what we’re gonna focus on here today is building out your attraction strategy, by positioning you as an authority in your tribe’s mind.

So, the thing that I see people, kinda holding them back, is they’re not sure how to approach this, and/or they’re falling into the trap of looking at whatever guru they’re following and how they’re doing it, and it’s not the only way for it to get done. So what I wanna kind of impart here is, everybody kinda has a different approach to building their authority. I’m gonna use some gurus just to give you an example so that you probably know who all of these people are, and they all started somewhere, right?

So if you take someone like Gary Vaynerchuk, he started with Wine Library TV, right? And he built an audience with video; that was his audience, that was something he was really comfortable doing, getting in front of the camera and pulling in people, and speaking about a topic that he was certainly an authority on, but he created content that resonated with his tribe, he built his tribe, and then from there he’s built a whole empire around it, but it all started with a video camera, and people following him and listening to him talk about wine.

If you look at someone like Tony Robbins, he started on stage, right? And they were small stages, you know, five people, 10 people watching him, and he started working there. And then, again, his [inaudible 00:01:33], it attracted in his ideal clients, it grew his audience, and as his audience grew he moved into other arenas, like his tapes, or his personal power tapes, that became on TV, and now he does even larger live events. And certainly, he’s written books, and he’s done a whole other host of things as kind of his audience has grown, as has his empire and has his ability to build a team around him and helped him create that content.

And then you look at someone like Pat Flynn; Pat Flynn built his audience with podcasts. So that’s what attracted his buyers, ideal tribe, whatever you wanna call it, his prospects into his world, was podcasting. And as he built a following on podcasting he was able to expand that out and do other things as well.

And then, you know, somebody like David Meerman Scott, who may not be as familiar to you; he’s a New York Times bestselling author, he wrote The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and really, that has catapulted him into somebody who has a tribe of people that follow him. And, I mean, he talks at Inbound all the time, he’s well known in the marketing world, and he came via books, or authorship. He wrote a blog, he’s got a very popular blog, and that blog eventually brought him a book, and that book brought him his fame; when he hit the New York Times bestseller list he became a, quote unquote, celebrity in that realm.

And, you know, someone like Seth Godin is in the same boat. I mean, he was an author, and that’s really what drove everybody to him, and why everybody knows his name.

So all this, to come back, and how you can apply it in your business, you wanna create your attraction strategy, but you wanna understand that you have your own unique talents and skills. Maybe you’re a good writer, maybe you feel more comfortable just having your voice out there, maybe you feel comfortable in front of the camera, or maybe you’re the type of person where you’ll fell comfortable on stage. And, you know, there’s another way you can do this. You can actually go to networking events, if you’re the type of person who thrives in a crowd and you really wanna engage with people, then maybe going to live events is the way that you’re gonna build or attract your tribe to you.

All I’m saying is, that you need to have one of those kind of five strategies, being video, live, podcasting, writing in whatever format, or going to events like networking. You need to have an attraction strategy like that, where you’re gonna be able to get in front of your tribe, create a message, and position yourself as an expert. Because what that’s gonna do is, that positioning is gonna allow you to attract those people to you and move them up your value chain, convert them into buyers, and then convert them into clients who will talk about how great of a service you offer, and build that continual money machine for you, and allow you to really service them on a high level.

Anyways, I hope you got something from this. If you did, definitely hit the subscribe button below, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment or a question and I’ll make sure to engage with you here on the channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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