How to Capture Leads and Eliminate Competition

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Hey, guys. Stuart Trier here from SEO Cheat Guides. Today I want to talk to you about how to capture leads and eliminate competition. This is something that you can put to use both in your digital marketing agency or for your clients in order to do the same thing.

All right, so we’re going to build two strategies here. Number one is lead magnets and making sure that we have something that is speaking to people that are ready, not ready to buy today, but are looking to educate themselves or are in the research mode, either buying digital marketing services from you or buying whatever your client is selling. We want to make sure that we have a lead magnet. What Neal Patel talks about in terms of generating more leads is taking a look at which page gets the most traffic, and generally for us and for most of our clients it’s going to be our home page, so we want to make sure that we have something on the home page that’s there to capture leads.

What is that ethical bribe going to be? It really depends on the business. Let’s say you were working with dentists; that was the niche you were serving. You would likely want to have a lead magnet that’s something along the lines of The Seven Questions Dentists Should Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency. That’s something that’s going to speak to people that’s in the research mode specifically in your niche, looking to buy digital marketing services. The same thing kind of applies for whatever your clients are selling. It could be something like The Five Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Kitchen Renovation Company or The Five Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Plumber, or whatever niche you’re serving.

Really, what this is doing is it’s framing the buying decision. That’s the second strategy we’re going to use. The framing of the buying decision really allows us to call out the benefits of working with a niche-specific company. For you and your digital marketing agency, if you only work with dentists, you want to point out the value to that prospect of working with a company like yours, who knows the dental industry, or whatever niche you’re in, and all of the costs that they’re going to incur in terms of wasted time dealing with somebody who’s not a specialist like you are. That’s the point that you really want to drive home in that content, that lead magnet that you’re going to send them.

That ultimately ends up framing the buying decision and eliminating a lot of your competition. If they look at you as an expert, and they look at the competition and they see the gap in the knowledge base that they have, you can apply this to your clients or to your digital marketing agency and it’s the same end result. A special kind of tip, I guess … pro tip, if you want to think of it like that … would be make sure when they land on a thank you page that you have some video there where they can get to know, like, and trust you. Deliver a thank you video saying something along the lines of “Thanks for downloading our lead magnet. It’s going to arrive soon,” and then give them some more information. Begin to establish that kind of relationship with them.

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