How to Convert Leads Into Customers

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Converting Leads – How To Create Effective Tripwire Offers

I know I’ve said it before but learning how to turn leads into clients is perhaps the most difficult task for digital marketers. That is, until I show you how to create an effective tripwire offer and how you can put them to use in your business to really scale.

Fundamentally business comes down to relationships.

Ultimately, what we’re trying to do is create relationships with as many of your ideal prospects as possible, and move them through a very sequential process.

Starting with an attraction process – Generally that’s done through content creation of some kind. You want to create content that speaks to this buyer persona’s pain points so that they feel that you understand their problems and begin to look to you for solutions.

I always suggest using the lead magnet approach to invite people to join your list and most marketers are fairly good at this so creating the list isn’t actually the problem.

It’s when you have somebody that takes your free offer of a lead magnet where things become much more difficult.

Converting that person into somebody that’s buying your core offer, that’s where most digital marketers really have a challenge!!

This problem really breaks down into how they’re going about trying to elevate that lead to that core offering.

Creating A Conversion System – Here is where I suggest to you the tripwire offer fits into your process seamlessly as it is directly after the attraction process that you need to introduce it into your business.

The purpose of the tripwire is really to take as many of those leads and distinguish them between buyers and tire kickers.

We want to come up with an irresistible offer that is as cheap as possible so that as many of those leads feel comfortable taking you up on that offer as possible.  The intention here being that they get to know, like, and trust you!

Your tripwire is the first opportunity for you to build rapport, give your ideal prospects an opportunity to go from just a lead, who’s giving their email address, to a client who’s giving you a small chunk of money.

Remember!  The biggest hurdle you’ll ever have to cross with someone is to get them to actually hand over money the first time.  After that it becomes much easier for them to do that…as long as you deliver on your promises.

Now, how much to price a tripwire offer at really depends on what your core offer fees are and what you’re selling on a month-to-month basis.

We’re all at different kind of price points in our businesses, so it’s hard to say it should be $39, $49, $99, $299, or $1,000.  The reality of it is that it should be small enough that your ideal prospect (who could potentially be your ideal client) feels a low level of risk interacting with your business.

You should also consider throwing in a risk reversal, so they feel zero risk dealing with you the first time.

Because the whole purpose of this is to convert as many of those leads into clients as possible, let them experience that tripwire and ensure you deliver huge value for them.

They should literally walk away from that being, “Wow!”  If they do, you’ll have a buyer for life!

You and your team should spend as much time as possible orchestrating or choreographing an experience that represents the type of value they could expect working with your business.

If you do a really good job on this, what ends up happening is they come in, they buy your tripwire offer, they get that wow experience, and then they’re ready, because they’re now comfortable.

They know you.

They like you.

They trust you.

You’ve built that rapport.

You’ve positioned yourself as someone who can help them. You’ve delivered on whatever promise you made for that tripwire.

Now when you pitch them your core offer, you’re not trying to take them from a cold traffic lead magnet at no cost to a big dollar amount on a monthly basis.

That’s really how the tripwire works. That’s the key to it!

It’s not about making money.

The purpose of the tripwire offer is not to generate cash for you.

Really, the best marketers understand that it’s a break-even experience. It should probably help you cover your ad fee, and that’s about it!

Give it a try for yourself and build an effective tripwire offer and I guarantee you’ll see better results, higher profits and more quality clients.


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