How to Convert Leads Into Customers on Autopilot

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Hey, guys, Stuart Trier here from SEO Cheat Guides. Today I want to talk to you about our conversion strategy. It’s one step in our three-step process of “attract, convert, deliver” to scale up our businesses. Really what I want to focus in on here is how to add leverage or automation to his step in the process. This is how we take prospects and move them into clients, and how we automate the process so you’re not left doing it one to one. Those sales calls where you’re on the call and awkwardly asking for that sale? We want to eliminate that.

We want to actually automate the process of attracting people into your business putting them on that escalator so that they move up in terms of likeliness to want to buy your product to the point where they’re an eight or a nine or a 10. Then at the appropriate point, we want to put an offer in front of them, a tripwire offer, that is gonna convert them from prospect to client. How we do this is video sales letters.

What I want to do today is just walk you through how that automation happens so that your system is in place to take your attracted ideal prospects and to turn them into clients for your business, get them to know, like, and trust you so you can move them up your value ladder, and sell them your core services.

Alright, so with content, what we want to do is we want to position you as an expert. First we niche down, then we produce content specifically for your ideal prospect. We introduce a problem. We show them how they solve that problem, what the solution is, the steps they need to follow to get there. We likely are gonna position a lead magnet because what we’re trying to do is attract them to the site with the content, then we want to offer them the next level. Generally, that’s done in the form of a lead magnet offering an ethical bribe or some value in exchange for their contact information.

This is where most people fail to automate or leverage their business. When somebody downloads that information, they send them to a generic “thank you” page. This is exactly the wrong thing to do at this point, because what’s happened is you’ve attracted them. They’ve gotten value, they’ve agreed to move through a step and give you even more information about them, so their name and their contact information, because they want that ethical bribe you’ve positioned for them at the right time.

Now what ends up happening is when you send them to a “thank you” page telling them to go to their inbox, you’re sending them back to some place where they have hundreds, if not thousands, of competing messages coming in and you really lose their attention. Rather, what we want to do is we want to have a video sales letter on the “thank you” page taking them to that next level. This is where you would, again, go through the problem, you’d go through exasperating that problem, pointing out the solution, how they can solve the problem, the benefits of solving the problem, how you would do that, the steps you would go through, and then you would give them that done-for-you service, tripwire offer.

This is not something to make a huge amount of money on. This is something to automate that process from prospect to client. That’s really where the video sales letter comes in. It’s on the “thank you” page. This is something that you can apply both for your business in terms of digital marketing, regardless of the service that you sell, and for your clients. You need to figure out what the product for prospects or that tripwire offer is for your clients.

But if you can come up with something that automates that process and is moving people through it so that they become clients, the beautiful thing about a client is you get to audition with them. You get them to know, like, and trust you. You provide that “wow” service, and then selling your backend core services comes so much easier because you’ve differentiated between prospects and buyers or tire-kickers and buyers, and now you’re in a situation where you could focus a lot more attention on servicing clients that you know are willing to pull out their credit card and spend money with you.

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