How to Deliver More Clients For Your Customers

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Hey, guys. In this video I want to talk to you about how you can deliver more clients for your customers. What we want to talk about here is the journey that your clients’ customers go through. Very often what happens when we take on a client, they’re over here with the sad face, and ultimately what they want to have happen is have more customers come in so that they can have this smiley face.

When we’re first starting our digital marketing agency, whether you sell SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, content, it doesn’t really matter what aspect you focus on. Your ultimate goal is, generally speaking, to attract more of their ideal prospects into their business, convert those prospects into clients through whatever their sales process is. But specifically with SEO what we see is, a lot of people start with keyword research, and that keyword research is generally focused on the 3% of the population that’s looking to buy today. That’s what we call buyer intent keywords.

If we take an example of martial arts studios, the key words related that a lot of people will be focusing on will be things like martial arts or karate or BJJ or self-defense, and these are the obvious keywords. What this is telling us is, the people who are looking for that have figured out what their problem is and they’ve figured out what the possible solution is. Now what they’re looking for is who to buy that solution from. Should I use martial arts studio one or martial arts studio two? They’ve defined that that’s the answer to the problem they have.

But what we’re not necessarily spending enough time on, and certainly as you have digital marketing clients for a longer period of time, if you want to continue to add ROI for them, you need to start to look at the top of the funnel. You need to start to take a look at the people who don’t know that the solution is the answer to their problem. They know they may have a problem, but they haven’t identified the possible solutions.

In the martial arts game, that would be things like childcare or after school childcare or bullying or self-esteem or discipline. These are all issues that parents may be having with their children, but they haven’t identified that martial arts is the answer to the problem. If you’re creating content around bullying and you’re creating content around after school childcare or inexpensive after school childcare or around child discipline or your child’s not behaving, ways to solve that, you start to pull them into your funnel.

You start to educate them that your client’s business is the perfect answer to the problem they’re experiencing. You start to frame up that buying decision, and you’re generally pulling them towards your client and opening up a much larger segment of the market. As opposed to just focusing on the people who are ready to buy today because they know, A, that they have the problem and, B, that your client is a potential solution to that problem, you’re opening up the people who understand they have a problem but don’t know what the possible solutions are. Hopefully that makes sense for you.

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