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Direct Sales Letter

We all know that we are SEO’s but first and foremost we are salespeople. We can’t do what we do without clients and sales isn’t always our strong point.

Check out this direct sales letter that you can send out in lumpy mail. It provides you with four key aspects of selling;

1) It will position you as an expert

2) It will highlight a pain point for your target audience allowing you to identify with them

3) It offers an easy solution to their problem…and who doesn’t like easy?

4) And finally, it provides an urgent call to action

You can use this sales letter to limit some of the awkward initial face-to-face meetings and those intolerable cold calls. You’ll have hot leads calling you directly.

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Another Direct Sales Letter For You

In sales you can never have enough leads!

We’ve already noted how difficult it can be as an SEO to double as a salesperson but we also know we don’t have a business without closing leads.

There are tons of effective methods out there but no one seems to like to offer up the help. Well, we like to keep things simple around here and are happy to provide you with another direct sales letter to send to your targets.

We use this letter all the time and have had phenomenal results with it. We hope you do too!

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