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How To Work Less And Make More In Digital Marketing

I know you’ve heard it all before but the whole theory of how to work less and make more money certainly applies to those of us who choose a life in the digital marketing world…as long as we subscribe to the working smarter and not harder approach to life.

Not to fear though.  If you’re currently working too much, I’ve got your remedy!

Today I want to talk to you about your digital marketing agency and how you can scale it up without killing yourself doing it.

There’s no doubt that a lot of us come to digital marketing through some other area but there are a ton of similarities between us.

Generally speaking, everyone that I talk to is either  35 to 45 who wants to leave their job (or was fired), or they’re a millennial and they don’t want a ‘normal job,’ they want to create this digital marketing agency so they can avoid getting one of those.

Well, I’ve been fired before and hated working a ‘real job’ so I know that both are great reasons to do what we do but inevitably what ends up happening is that we start our digital marketing agencies by developing a technical skill, be it SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, web design, to build the foundation of our business and then the big problem hits…

We can’t scale our business up!

So what do I mean by that?

Well, business really comes down to three fundamental systems. You need;

  • An attraction system that attracts your ideal prospects to your business
  • A conversion system that converts those prospects into clients, and you need
  • A delivery system that delivers whatever it is that you’ve promised to those ideal prospects

But what ends up happening in digital marketing is that because we come from a technical background we start our businesses by going out, finding one person that needs that technical skill, we sell it to them, we go out, we do the work ourselves, we do a good job, they refer a friend, now we have two clients!

We do the job again. We deliver the technical work, we do a good job, they refer, and that’s how we grow our business.

We don’t actually have a strategy to attract people that are our ideal clients.

We don’t convert them, because really what’s happening is, it’s easy to sell somebody who’s been referred, we all know that.

It’s the reason that most businesses, small businesses specifically, depend on referrals. They don’t actually have a conversion strategy.

Their ‘strategy’ is to do a good job for their clients so that they don’t actually have to sell those future clients.  They’re coming in predisposed to want to do business to you because their friend has recommended you.

Now, that’s not bad if you’re looking to build a small consulting business.

But if you really want to scale up your business, you need to have these three systems working.

We will focus briefly on the third system which is your delivery system right now.

That delivery system is the process or system, processes, and tasks that need to happen to deliver on that promise you’re making to that ideal prospect.

So because you’ve been doing the technical work, you likely haven’t put in place any true systems to get the work done and it’s really hard for you to hire anybody because they don’t know your system or how you like things done.

It’s also really hard for you to train someone because you haven’t actually developed your system to do that.

This lack of processes creates an inability for you to hand-off work, which means you get to the point where you have enough customers and where taking on one more customer literally means more work for you (not ideal because we still only have 24 hours in a day).

At this point, in order for you to scale up the business you need to take yourself out of that delivery system…but in order to do that you need to create one first!

I’ve covered that in my next video that walks you through growing a small business into a large business.

I really want to walk you through how to frame up a client delivery system so that you can take yourself out of that technical work and then start to invest some time in building that attraction system and that conversion system which will really allow you to grow to that 6 and 7-figure agency you want to be.

When you have it all together you’re able to plug people into all three systems and 10X-ing your business becomes something that is fairly easy to do.

Check out the next blog in this series now, you won’t regret it!

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