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How Easily Erase Image Backgrounds

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Speaker 1: Hey, guys. I just wanted to shoot a really quick video for you today on how to easily erase backgrounds from pictures of either people or products for websites, for thumbnails, really for any marketing material that you have. It just allows you to take an image of a person like this and just wipe out the background really, really easily.

What you’re going to do is head over to Google, type in clipping magic. So clipping magic, C-L-I-P-P-I-N-G magic, and it’s the first one to show up. Really what I want to tell you, I guess, once you log in, you’ll see it is a paid service, but it’s very inexpensive. It’s $3.99 for 15 pictures that you want to have a white background on. Again, if you have a client, this is really a non-issue. Just want to disclose there is a fee for this. It isn’t a free one. I haven’t found one that does as good of a job for free.

What you’ll do is once you log in, you just drag the image here. You click this and it opens up and then you find the picture. I’ve already uploaded this picture. What ends up happening is you get the picture like this. You click on the green up here, and what it’s going to show you, as you’ll see, is just how easy it is, even with a product, to get that perfect image, and then I just want to demonstrate it.

You take the green and you keep everything you want to keep. I’m just going to draw on my face, kind of like fun. And then you do the same thing with red, and what red does is it gets rid of everything that you don’t want, and it’s really that easy. Then if there’s anything there, you just draw over it, and voila. You end up with the perfect picture. Then you can download it, and now you end up back at what we had, which is just the cut out picture. I missed a spot over here, but really you just run over that with the red and you would be in a situation where you have that perfect picture. You download it. It takes all of two seconds. It eliminates the need to send this to your graphic designer. If you need something quick, this is just a nice little way to get it done. It’s something that I use all the time in my business, so I figured I share with you.

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