Easy Prospecting With This Google HACK

Easy Prospecting With This Google HACK

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Easy List Building Hack – Do Things The Easy Way

Building a list of prospects can be a time consuming process.  I think we’ve all spent hours trying to get one together for our cold e-mail campaigns at one point or another.  Thankfully I’m all about finding the easy way to do things and I’m about to give you all your time back with this fantastic list building hack!

In today’s video and blog, I have a quick tip for you that you can either assign to an employee, or a VA, or (if you’re earlier in your SEO or digital marketing journey) you can even do this yourself. It’s an easy way for you to build a list of people that have a problem that you can help them solve.

Alright, so without further delay let’s go through it.

You’re going to need only the niche and/or the city and state that you want to focus your efforts on.

The example I’m going to use here is podiatry (which is just a foot doctor). I’m going to use Dallas, Texas as a way of showing you this example and then you can take it and use it in whatever niche you want.

It’s a great little prospect list building hack that will allow you to build a list of prospects that you can serve in your area.

What you don’t know is that all of these prospects will have a similar problem that you’re going to be able to help solve for them (this will be your sales pitch), but I’ll get to that in just a little bit.

Once you’ve pulled together your list your going to cold e-mail them.

Really what you’re going to find when you do this is that a percentage of these people are going to respond and want your help.

What we do is we show them how to fix the problem and then we offer to do it for them if they’d like. Generally, this is just a foot in the door strategy for a business that’s obviously not doing a lot with digital marketing.

You’ll need to start by going to Google for this hack.

What you’re going to need to know for this is a specific search string to input into the search bar.  That string is;

site:plus.google.com, “is this your business” + Niche

In my example I’m using podiatrist.

So in the Google search bare I am going to type this string;

site:plus.google.com, “is this your business” + Podiatrist

What you see here is a list of businesses that haven’t claimed their Google My Business listing (so you know they can’t be doing much by way of digital marketing…or they have terrible digital marketers working for them).

You’ll note that some of these businesses are going to be out of business and you are going to want to leave these out of your list.  Thankfully Google tells you the ones that are out of business so you won’t waste your time recording them.

Knowing that a business is lacking this fundamental digital asset gives you a great opportunity to go and say, “I noticed you haven’t claimed Google My Business. We’re experts at helping businesses get listed in Maps. This is important because…”

You’d then put together and offer that would make sense for them.

All of this is fairly straight forward especially if you’re familiar with digital marketing, in terms of the snack pack.

It’s just a great way for you to find businesses that need your help.

Specifically, if they don’t have this claim, then it’s very likely they’re not engaged with a marketing agency and if they are engaged with some kind of digital marketing agency, they’re just not doing a good job for them.

That’s how you do it for a particular niche (which is what I suggest).

If you want to do it for a particular area, you can use the niche, and then a state or you can put just the state and click it.

What you’ll see is you’ll get everything in the state that shows up.

The whole trick to this is to have your VA go through and do a little bit of work to build a target list for you to do some outreach for.

I hope you got something from this list building hack!

Good Luck and happy prospecting!


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