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Digital Marketing Lead Generation Made Easy

Today I want to talk to you about a Facebook hack that you can use to take leads off of Facebook, capture them, nurture them and move them up your value chain.

You can do this both for your digital marketing agency or directly for your clients (it’s an easy way to add value, show clients that you know how to capture leads, convert those leads and move them up their value chain).

This is something that most marketers aren’t implementing, and it’s a really easy hack to put into place.  It adds a tremendous amount of value because you’re going to capture a lot of leads.

As an example if you look at a typical chiropractic Facebook page what you’ll see is they often have their call to action set up for the ‘Book Now’ option.

These calls to action are directed at the people ready to buy today.

Like every page on their website, business owners are pretty astute about having the Buy Now, Call Now, Book Now buttons on their page, but they miss the calls to action for those lead magnets to capture leads for people who are curious but not ready to buy today.

What I  suggest here is having something in the banner/header section of the Facebook page that looks like a button and would get people to click to download something (you would have the link embedded on the picture itself).

You’d have your graphic designer do that for you. You’d ‘trick’ people into thinking this was a button that they’d have to click. What happens when that button has some call to action for a pain point that this chiropractor helps with, maybe that’s seven tips for stretches for back pain, whatever it is, they would click on the actual link.

Watch the video for explanation

What would happen is they would see the headline followed by a page that they would click that would put them into a squeeze page, or a landing page where you would capture their email and their name and in exchange for that lead magnet.

You can do this in almost any niche because there are very few that don’t have a large group of people who are just browsing…or as we like to say, those in the research phase of the buying decision.

You could do this for your digital marketing agency or you can do it for your clients and It’s a really easy hack to start pulling people off of a Facebook page without spending any money.

I want to give you a visual of what it would look like.  So picture this on a Facebook page…

If you think of the banner, you’d have your headline, “Discover how to grow your digital marketing agency with ease. Start by taking this quick three-question test and find out where to focus your attention.”

The visitor then clicks on the ‘button’ you’ve added and then sure enough they’d be brought to the page where you are trying to capture their information.

That’s a little hack that I use to bring in leads into my digital marketing business and my client’s business and you should give it a try for yourself.

Enjoy and good luck!

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