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Productivity Hack For Digital Marketers

We all know that our biggest limited resource is time and that we only have 24 hours in a day so any time I come across a productivity hack for digital marketers like myself, I love to share it.

Today I have a Facebook productivity hack that is specifically useful for digital marketers to focus their communications with clients and to avoid bombarding their friends with useless information.

I got this productivity hack from Chris Reckard, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m already putting it to use in my daily Facebook life and I’m sure you guys are going to get a ton of use out of this as well.

What this allows you to do is solve a problem that you may have as I know that a lot of my clients add me to Facebook.  While I want to be able to provide them with information I don’t necessarily want my mom or my family and friends to have to see it.

Likewise, I have pictures of my kids and I want my family to see those pictures but I don’t necessarily want all of my friends that are marketing-related to see those pictures.

So I needed a way to really segment my list.

Originally, I was thinking I was going to have to create another persona on Facebook but I really didn’t want to do that. We all know that when you’re on Facebook all the time you certainly don’t want to have to manage several accounts.

Other things that I run into are that I’ll go to a marketing conference, like Local Client Takeover in Vegas, and I’ll meet a ton of great people but I have no way of knowing where I met them when I am talking to them.  Most especially as you start to get up into the thousands of people on your Facebook, it’s nice to have people segmented into lists so that you’re able to know where they’re coming from and you can have a more focused interaction with them.

In addition, I follow certain people on Facebook who are thought leaders and I’m interested to see what they’re posting, both from a learning perspective and just because I’m curious to see what they’re doing.

This little hack seems to be the perfect solution to that problem and you can definitely put it to use when you’re segmenting your list in terms of for your clients. When you build a list just for clients in a specific niche, you’re able to post to your Facebook wall content specifically designed to interact with them and you don’t have to subject the rest of your list to seeing it.

As you grow bigger you’ll enjoy this even more because the focused communications allow you to remain an industry expert in the eyes of your client as they don’t see the information you post which isn’t related to them.

To put this into place all you need to do is navigate to www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists. Once you click on this, you’re able to create lists and you’re able to segment them very quickly.

As an example, I went to MIT for a program and for everybody that I know from MIT, I can pop into this list in seconds. I can interact with them and see their posts but it remains in a very concentrated area.

This hack is really, really useful when you apply it to your business that you have on Facebook and it’s really nice for your family or friends if you’re sharing family pictures and you don’t necessarily want all your business contacts to see it.

It’s really easy to create a list. From the page noted above you simply click the menu, hit Create List and name that list.

Once it’s created, it opens it up and then you can literally go in and add whoever you want to this list.  The’ll only see what you allow that list to see and you can see all their posts in that forum.

As you make your daily postings you can select any or every list you want to publish the information to.  It’s insanely effective for ensuring you are able to use Facebook effectively for business and pleasure.

So, this is a really powerful productivity hack for Facebook, especially for those of us digital marketers who are befriending our clients, and perhaps have business acquaintances that we want to keep in touch with.

Segmenting your lists on Facebook really allows you to publish content only to those people you want to see it and will allow you to ensure that you remain the authority in each niche that you’re servicing.

I hope you got something out of this and that you can apply it in your own business. You’ll be amazed at how much time this will save you during your work day as you are able to concentrate your efforts exactly where they are needed and you can avoid any of those embarrassing slip-ups that Facebook is known for.

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