How to Find Quality Digital Marketing Leads, Fast

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Targeting Quality Digital Marketing Clients Starts With Quality Leads

Today I want to talk to you about the next step in your lead generation process.  This will show you more about how to get digital marketing clients for your business by finding quality e-mail addresses (the start to any good prospecting list).

In previous videos and blogs we’ve talked about building a list of prospects that have a pain point and you’ll already understand how you can send your employee or VA out and have them build that kind of prospect list for you. If you missed any of that you can check out our Google Hack Video Series and video doing less work but making more money but I am going to offer up some more helpful hints below.

The next step in this list building process is that you, your VA or employee need to be able to capture a business email address so as you continue to flow through this you’ll have the ability to reach out to those business owners later.  The problem is that they aren’t always easy to find.

If you’re anything like me you see that there is little value in the actual list building and that your time is better spent elsewhere.  That is why you need a step by step guide walking and employee or VA through this so that it’s nice and easy for them to go out and do this work for you.

I’m going to show you how you can do that today.

All you’re going to need is the Google Hunter io Chrome extension.

Once your employee or VA has installed this as they’re going through the list of URL’s they’ve already prospected one by one. When they’re on the URL of your prospect all they need to do is click on that Chrome plug in you’ve installed and what’s gonna happen is it’s going to go out and look for email addresses associated with that URL.

The good news is that the program doesn’t just look on the website, it looks everywhere.

What you’re going to see is that it’ll often come back with multiple e-mails.  You’ll also see that it tells you where the program found this email address (often you’ll find the owner of the business and this is exactly the kind of email that you would want).

At this point you’d likely have your employee record all of these email addresses for you but most specifically are the ones that are personal emails as we know that they get opened.  We know people are going to be more apt to look at their personal email as opposed to the generic company email because that’s where most spam ends up.

So that’s the process that they’re gonna follow!  Nice and simple….but SUPER EFFECTIVE!

What I’ve done for added assistance is pull together a step by step guide for you or your team to use so you can jump-start this process today and get some GREAT leads for your digital marketing business.

Good luck and happy prospecting.


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