How To Fire Your Boss And Grow A Successful Agency

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Sometimes the road to success isn’t paved.

In fact, very often that road isn’t even on the map and there’s often no guide to help navigate your way.

Sometimes you simply need to take the path less travelled and one that’s a little bumpy before you find your way to the ‘yellow-brick road.’

That being said and thankfully, every once in a while, we are able to find someone who is willing to provide us with the roadmap they made during their journey.

On this episode of The Road To Success we talk to Cody Butler from

Cody is one of those individuals who has taken the road less travelled and is a prime example of someone who learned how to ‘fire his boss’…but not before having to pay his dues as a restaurateur, construction company owner and even musician!

In this interview you’ll learn exactly how Cody was able to make the very successful transition from employee to entrepreneur and for many of you taking a similar approach may very well be the ticket you need to get out of your current 9-5 job. You’re also going to hear why he thinks having the J-O-B was one of the best experiences of his life and one which had helped him so greatly in the transition.

We have quite literally packed this video with valuable takeaways and Cody’s frank discussion on those points will allow you to learn from the school of hard knocks without ever having to get on that bus.

Some of the more important issues that we tackle are;

  • Why the ‘customer’ in customer service is so important
  • How a rock solid guarantee can skyrocket you above the competition
  • How to frame the guarantee conversation with potential clients in a way that gives you an advantage over the competition
  • Why selecting a niche and specializing is so important to revenue growth
  • What simple little approach to a niche tactic can make your SEO conversation SO MUCH DIFFERENT than the competition
  • The key to finding a proper coach

There is no doubt that you can learn a lot from this week’s episode so sit back, relax and enjoy the interview.

A special thanks to Cody and all our other guests who continue to provide us with an incredible amount of insight and advice. I hope you can learn from their experience and avoid some of the challenges they faced on your way to success.

Isn’t it time for you to fire your boss?!


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