How To Focus On Outcomes For Ultimate Success

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Today I wanted to address something which I think all digital marketers and SEO’s face in their pursuit of building a successful business.

Focusing On The Outcome

That’s right! I want to write about something that is near and dear to me because I really do attribute much of the success I’ve had to adopting this approach in my life (not just the businesses I’ve built).

All too often we entrepreneurs are focused on the work we need to complete in any given day and we seem to lack the focus on the most important part….the outcome!

We all know the feeling of being absolutely inundated with the little tasks that can cloud our day and just how overwhelming that can be.

What if I were to tell you that you can very easily get over this mountain that we’ve created for ourselves and that you can actually achieve the successes that you’ve dreamed for yourself?


All this takes is one small (but fundamental) shift in your thought process and in how you approach your day.

The first thing you need to do is determine what you want to achieve and to avoid thinking about the tasks you are going to need to complete in order to achieve it.

Now I need to stop for a second and let you know that there has been a million and one books written with this approach in mind so by no means did I dream this up myself.

In fact, I came across the Tony Robbins version of this strategy that he calls the ‘Rapid Planning Method.’

Here are the basics of how it works;

  1. Start with the outcome you want to achieve

For myself, I adopted this approach when building my first business so I began each day with the same focus…

To build a successful tool business that I could sell to fund my next business venture

For you this may be to achieve a monthly revenue of $5-$10k or perhaps to build an entire network of at least 30 high value dental clients. 

Either way, you’ve thought of the outcome you want to achieve and that’s the starting point

2.   Determine WHY you want to achieve that outcome

This step simply provides you with all the motivation you need to bowl over those obstacles that stand in your way.  It is your ultimate purpose for driving yourself towards the success you want.

In my case I wanted nothing more than to avoid actually having to feel like I was working.  There was really nothing I could think of in my life that would have been worse than having to be stuck in a J.O.B. and it really was all the motivation I needed.  I’d do anything to reach my outcome because I knew it would keep me away from ‘the daily grind.’

While I am not sure what your motivation is and what your purpose for the outcome you want is what I am sure of is that it needs to be enough to keep you pushing towards that goal line.

In this step you really need to determine what lights your fire, what you’re willing to sacrifice and just how important that outcome really is to you.

If you do this what I can promise, from my own experience, is that you’ll NEVER fall short of achieving your outcome.

3.  Take Massive Action

Now, you need to understand that this step does NOT involve taking a single big step or making a single move towards something rather it means quite the opposite.

In this step you need to realize that there are many ways you can achieve the outcome you desire and that you need to try each of them so that you can determine what YOUR optimal path is.

Keep in mind that your path is very likely to be different than someone else trying to achieve the same outcome BUT don’t kid yourself in the process. You can (and should) learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

You simply need to take action towards your goal, observe what is (and is not) working for you and then make tweaks to ensure that you are getting closer and closer to your desired outcome.

As an example, the outcome I am currently working on is to increase the size of my agency by 5-10x in the current year.

I am driven towards this by the desire to build a virtual agency that uses process and controls to scale without using up a commensurate amount of my time (yet still delivering a high quality output and experience for my clients).

This may sound a little odd but I am driven by the challenges you come across when building a functioning business (not just a job where I work for myself but have to do everything myself along with that).

Let’s be serious for a second too…because I’ve done it several times before I am also driven by the benefits of creating something like that and then selling it to move on to the next challenge (I mean come on…we are all chasing the dollar bills).

As for the massive action, I am starting with a whole new set of lead generation efforts.  Each of these efforts represents a new path and I’ll refine the approaches as I go, purge the ones that simply won’t work and will use the past success I’ve had as a starting point.

You can actually even watch the whole thing unfold by checking out my YouTube series where I’ll be reporting on everything as I go throughout the year and as I offer up all the help to others that I can along the way.

It is time that you take on your own Rapid Planning Method and achieve the success that I know you all are capable of.

To help you a bit more I’ve even created a tool that I use to help me focus on the tactical part of lead generation.  The number of leads I need to generate to hit my 10x goal.

With the tool I pick a revenue goal, reverse engineer it, and then come up with a very clear # of outreaches required per day, week, month, to hit the goal.

You can check it out for yourself here -> Tactical Calculator

Good luck and go achieve your goals!

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