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Hey guys, Stuart Trier here from SEO Cheat Guides. In today’s video I want to talk to you about reviews and social proofing. How you can put that to work both for your business and your clients business. Use it as a way to open doors and certainly use it as a way to add a tremendous amount of value to whoever you’re serving.

Okay. We all know that reviews are important. They’re important from the social proof aspect. We know they’re important to the algorithms on the search engines. And we also know from personal experience. Just use Amazon as an example. If you go to Amazon and you see two products listed, one has two reviews, one has 384 reviews, assuming they both have the same star rating, right? Obviously, 384 one star reviews would probably be an indication not to do it, but if it was a four or five star reviews, you would feel very confident buying whatever that is from Amazon because of all the social proof behind those reviews.

But local businesses are not putting this to use because they don’t make it easy for their customers to leave reviews. What we want to do as marketers is show how to make it super easy for their customers to leave those reviews. We get the improved conversions for them, we get the benefit in the search engines and the algorithm for it. And on top of that, we position ourselves as experts at helping them improve both aspects of their business.

Okay. Without further ado, I’m going to hop onto my screen here and just walk you through this little hack. This is something we do for our clients, this allows us to get a lot of five star reviews really easily, and what I want to show you how to do is how to set it up so it’s pre-populated. When they click a button, the five star review pops us, they put in their information, hit send, and they’ve got that five star review. This works on Google and really it’s the easiest way I know of to make sure you can bump up the number of reviews on Google and benefit from all of the afore mentioned kind of things, social proof, improvement on the algorithm, and most importantly the positioning with your client.

This North Peninsula Podiatry Group, not at client of mine, I’m just using it as an example. You’d put in your clients name, whatever it is, here. You’ll see this guy has five star reviews but he’s only got two of them. That’s not a ton of reviews. This may even be something you would use for [inaudible 00:02:14] by saying, “Hey, you’ve only got two reviews. I want to show you how you get more.” They’re obviously a good provider. And you can see that he’s got five on five on Facebook review and again that’s not bad but he’s only got that one review.

First step in this process is we want to click on write review. It’s going to pre-populate here with this review button, but we want five stars to show up. What we’re going to do is we’re going to copy the URL as it is, and I’m going to open up a new window just to show you what we do. You’re going to take it, you’re going to paste and then what you want to do at the end is you want to just put a comma five. The comma’s already there just put at five and then we hit enter you’ll see what happens. It brings this up pre-populated with a five. Now we know we have the right URL. What we’re going to do is we’re going to shorten that URL and we’re going to go over to Google URL shortener, put in that full one with the comma five at the end, we’re going to shorten it up, we’re now going to have a short link. And I’ll go to a new browser and show you here. Now you have this little short link that you can send either to clients via email or you can post on their site with a button, hey, review us on Google and when they click over this is what’s going to happen. It pre-populates, they fill in their information, they hit post, and now you have a five star review, which is awesome.

I want to show you just a kind of button I would use. If you go over to Google and just hit Google review you can scroll down, you’ll see … even if you don’t have a graphic designer you can just copy this particular one and you can use it … the same thing, you can find ones that are already there if you want to do reviews for Facebook, it’s the same process. I would make sure that I have this on the page, whether you create a specific testimonial page or you put it on the homepage, you want to be encouraging your clients to send their clients a request for testimonials, specifically when they’ve done at great job for them. Because it’s just an easy for you to build that social proof, improve the conversions, and help the algorithm recognize your client as a local expert.

Okay. The next thing … I’m going to just over to his Facebook page. It’s really easy to get a direct link to reviews. It’s, the name of the company or the business page, and then all you need is reviews at the end. And what this is going to do, it’s going to bring up a review page and then I have the opportunity to put in a five star review and tell them what I think about them. But again, this is a perfect thing. You take this over to your Google URL shortener and once again I would shorten this link so that if you send it to clients it’s super easy. The other advantage at having these Google URL shortener links is you’re able to track how many people are clicking on them. This comes back to metrics. You’re able to bring this back to your client and say, “Here’s a demonstration of how many review clicks we’ve gotten through this process for them.”

Again, the same thing. You go find your client on Yelp and then you click on the review. And here is another example. You take the link at the top, go into a new browser, you’ll see that if you paste that back in, you go right into the review, and gives them the opportunity to do that. Once again, I go to the Google URL shortener, I shorten that up. And now you have three … I have guides for Google, I have guides for Yelp, I have guides for Better Business Bureau, for Yellow Pages. Definitely reach out to me if you want those guides and pull these together for our clients. I don’t mind sharing them with you.

This is the kind of thing you want to bring to your client to really differentiate and position yourself as an expert both for your existing clients in terms of moving up your price point. The more value you’re able to add the more you’re able to charge, because you’re bringing more value to that customer. And on a prospect side this is a great trip wire or this is a great foot in the door offer that you can bring to them, because it’s not hard. Right? This process takes very little effort once you know what you need to do. But it adds tremendous amount of value and this is a differentiator, this is much better than going to a prospect and saying, “Hey, I can rank you number one on Google.” Right? This is something that is tangible, has value, is easy to deliver, and the client’s going to see immediate results.

Anyways. I hope you got something from this video. If you did, please hit the subscribe button. Give me a thumbs up. YouTube really gives us a lot of benefit when we get the engagement on the channel so I hope you’ll help me on that. Leave a comment or a question, I’ll engage with you here on the channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Michelle Russ

    Hi – This is not working for me at all. I see the video is from 2017 so I wondering if Google has got smart is no longer allowing this?

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