How to Grow a Small Business Into a Large Business

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Growing A Digital Agency

There is no secret to the fact that growing a digital agency can be a tough job which is why I always like to help you avoid issues and to learn from someone who has gone through the pain already.

Today I want to talk to you about how to frame up your delivery system so you’re not stuck doing the technical work in your business.

So, as we talked about in our video ‘Do Less To Make More‘ there are only 24 hours in a day and understanding this as a limitation is really the framework for understanding why you’re not able to scale your digital marketing business the way you want.

What we’re talking about is systematizing the delivery of your work for the client.

How we do this is by to chunking your work down into three steps.

Essentially, we want to take whatever the service that your company is offering (or the outcome that it’s offering to your prospects) and we want to chunk it down into micro-bites or chunks.

However you want to describe it here are the 3 chunks you’ll want to break down;

  1. Detail the main process – This is the overarching big portions of providing your outcome (i.e. if you are ranking a client on Page 1 of Google you’d have an on boarding process, on-page activities, off-page activities etc.)
  2. Detail the tasks involved in delivering the main process (i.e. for on-page activities the tasks might be keyword insertions, meta descriptions, outbound links, ALT-Tags etc..)
  3. Breaking the tasks down into process maps (or SEO Cheat Guides as we call them) – Here you’ll want to create step-by-step guides/videos outlining exactly how you perform the tasks in #2

Once we do that, we’re in a situation where we really have a strong understanding of all of the processes your company delivers, and then under each process, all of the tasks that need to happen, and then under each task, all of the steps that are made up to make that task work.

When done you’d have literally created a road-map for your business.

Okay, so let’s walk through an example that you should be able to relate to.

So let’s continue to use local SEO as an example.

Local SEO breaks down into a number of processes:

  • You’d have an on-boarding process
  • You’d have a setup process
  • You’d have an audit process
  • You’d have an on page process
  • You’d have an off page process.
  • You’d have a content creation process
  • And So on…

So those would be the big, overarching processes.

Under each process, we break those down into tasks.

So let’s break down reporting and see what tasks would fall under reporting:

  • Pull the number of phone calls you generated on the website
  • Pull the number of emails that came in from the contact us or quote us kind of category
  • Pull your most current rankings for keywords
  • See how many people joined the mailing list
  • Look at analytics
  • Pull together that email for the client, summarizing all of that reporting
  • Etc.

So those would be all of the tasks but you’d still want to go one step further and pull together a process map (or an SEO Cheat Guide) for each of those tasks using a video or step-by-step guides. You’d visually lay it out so that it’s very clear how you want it done, every time.

And yes, before you say, I know this sounds like a lot of work but you need to remember that you only do it once.

Right now you’re doing it every month but using this approach you’ll only have to do it once more.

Maybe it takes a half an hour, or an hour for you to detail that process so that you have an actual task, but now what ends up happening is, you’re able to delegate that task and free up your time.

Somebody else is going to be able to do that work for you going forward because you’re going to give them this piece of paper, this process map, this SEO Cheat Guide, if you will, and you’re going to say, “Here. Go and do this.”

When you hire somebody, you don’t have to pay them very much as you’ve broken everything down into very simple tasks.

If they can read and follow directions you can give it to them. So if you go into somewhere like the Philippines, you probably can hire somebody at two or three dollars an hour, and they’re going to be able to fulfill that task. You don’t have to train them on the task, you just have to send them that SEO Cheat Guide.

They simply take that guide and they follow the steps. Step one, step two, step three, step four, step five. And it’s done!

Your quality control is easy because they either follow that guide or they don’t. They either have a job or they don’t. It’s really that simple.

What you’re doing now is you’re creating a system where other people can do the work the way you want it done, without having to spend a ton of time kind of working with them, trying to get them to figure things out from your head.

You’ve documented it. You’ve shown them how to break it down. You assign that task. They go and they do that task.

Maybe you review it before it goes out, but nonetheless, everything else has happened for you. They’ve cut down your work by, 80%+ and  probably closer to 100% because now you’re just skimming and hitting send.

If you do that for every process in your business, and you basically break down your entire business, what happens in month one, what happens in month two, what happens in month three etc.  you now have a recipe that you can follow to deliver on that solution you promised your ideal buyer.

You can simply plug people in where they are doing the work in each step.  Now, ultimately, what ends up happening is you free up your time!

You can now allocate that time to focus on your attraction system, which is what is going to bring your ideal prospects into your world, and your conversion system, which is what’s going to take them from cold traffic, warm them up on that escalator, get them to the point where they’re an 8 or a 9 or a 10, and they’re ready to buy your service.

The most important thing about using this process is that when you are complete you now have a real business that you can scale properly.   When you have something attracting your ideal prospects, something converting those prospects into clients, and you have a system to deliver that process and one that no longer requires you to do all of the work every time you get a new customer you also have something salable and of value to others (and not just a personal services business).

Your job as the entrepreneur is to orchestrate this beautiful thing, this business that works day in and day out for you, so that you always end up making money and I assure you that a small time investment in this process will be worth it ten times over.

Good luck and enjoy!


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