How to Clone your Best Marketing Clients

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Scale Your Business The Smart Way

They key to scale your business effectively is to ensure that you have the time you need to devote to landing new customers for your business.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to leverage what you already like and know.

Today I want to talk to you about how to clone your ideal customer, or your ideal prospect.

I’m going to break this down into four quick steps that I think you’re going to be able to bring back into your agency and put to use right away.

Step 1 – Identify Your Best Customers

The first step is really to identify which of your customers you enjoy serving the most, because that’s the customer you want to clone. This is where you actually ask yourself questions like what industry or niche are they in and then once you’ve identified their niche you want to identify are there other businesses in different geographic areas, different cities that you can serve that are in the same business.

Step 2 – Identify The Problems You Can Solve For These Customers

Step two is to figure out what problems these customers have that marketing can solve.

Most businesses have a variety of problems and we’re in a unique position of knowing digital marketing to the point where we can really apply what we know to that particular business and add a tremendous amount of value for them.

If there are problems that you are currently working with with your ideal prospect, there’s a good chance that other businesses in that niche have the exact same problems and since you already know how to deal with those issues you’ve got instant credibility.

Step 3 – Interview Your Best Customer

Step number three is to get on the phone with your actual client (the one you’d like to clone).

You’re going to try to do a little bit of research here and find out are there any groups or forums, or are there any blogs that they follow on line, or associations that they follow online.

Really what you’re trying to figure out from your customer is where people in his or her business congregate, because the most important thing when you’re putting together an offer for a business owner is that you’re able to get that offer in front of them. If the particular business that you’re serving has a big community online, and you’re able to figure out where they congregate it makes your job as a marketer so much easier.

If we review the first three steps, we know what business we’re targeting, or what niche we’re targeting, we know what problem we’re trying to solve for them, and we know where they hang out.

Step 4 – Developing Your Irresistible Offer

Really at this point our big challenge is coming up with a piece of content that’s going to appeal to that business owner, solve the problem that they have in their business and really position you as an expert to help them solve that problem.

If you want to learn more about this and get some great tactics and information then check out my videos for The 3 Components Of An Irresistible Offer and How To Sell Outcomes, Not Services.

The next thing I really want to do is walk through an example so you can see how I would apply this in my business.

Let’s just pick a niche and walk through how this would work.

For this example, let’s use yoga studios, or yoga studio owners.

That would be the niche that we’d be going after.

Then one of the problems most yoga studios suffer from is being able to attract more members into their studio.

Truthfully most yoga studio owners are probably not very sophisticated business owners, although I’m sure there are some.

It’s a problem they likely have and you’re in a unique position of understanding digital marketing and being able to serve them on a variety of levels.

As it comes to the yoga studio niche, that’s a particular niche where people are super engaged and there are tons of groups online. So much so that it probably wouldn’t take more than two seconds on Facebook to find a group of people that are congregating around the topic of yoga.

You know what you’re going to be targeting, you know who you’re targeting and you know where to target them.

Now it just comes down to earning your marketing chops and really putting them to the test.

What is the headline that you’re going to come up with?

How are you going to serve them through some piece of content?

Whether that’s a blog or that’s a video, what you want to do is you want to call up the yoga studio owner. You want to call out that particular problem. You want to offer them a solution (really an outcome), and then you want to invest the time.

The best way I can kind of describe this is to imagine that your customer is paying you something like $2,000.00 to pull together a white paper or a video that’s going to explain to them how they can solve the problem, because the purpose of pulling this together is to really engage that community and get them to know, like and trust you.

The more you put in at the front end in terms of quality content serving their needs with no overt call to action on the page, no opt-ins, nothing, the more success you’ll have.  You want to give yourself nothing but extremely high quality content to use in several iterations.

By the time you get to the fourth use, studio owners are going to be picking up the phone and calling you or emailing you for other services because you’ve served them so well.

The beautiful thing about this is you’ve positioned yourself as an expert by teaching them.

You’ve articulated a problem they have so they know and understand they have the problem and what it means.  On top of that they now know what the solution is and they know that you can offer the solution.

They know that you’re an expert in this particular niche so price…well…they’re not assuming you’re a commodity anymore!!

They’re assuming that you are a specialist in solving this problem.

That sales call is not really a sales call. It’s more of an audition, them auditioning for you, are they a good fit for your business.

You already know that you like serving this business because you’re targeting your ideal customer and just looking to clone them.

Everything’s covered and you’re doing less and less actual work every time!

Enjoy and happy prospecting


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