How to easily outsource to high quality virtual assistants

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Have you ever wanted to have some assistance with your day-to-day tasks, content writing, web-site building, banner design etc.?

Whether you are looking to grow your your business or just get an additional set of hands to help from time to time it is important you learn how to outsource some of your work. There are simply too many tasks for you to do, especially if you want to grow your business.

One of the first things we do each month is put together a plan for each of our clients.

We then break everything down into a master task list for the client and assign them to virtual assistants.

Using our own guides, the task is emailed to the VA along with the step-by-step process we want them to follow.

Here is our process for finding and hiring virtual assistants for our business. This will walk you through the steps you need to follow.

And just in case you are wondering “yes” I have one of my employees follow this process when we are hiring new VA’s for our company.

Download our Upwork Guide here.

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