How To Grow A Powerhouse SEO Agency From The Ground Up

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That is what I have to say after interviewing Brock Murray owner of SEO Plus.

Much like our first two interviews with Matt Bowman and Herb Kornblau, Brock has quietly turned himself into a powerhouse in the SEO/Digital Marketing world and after watching his video you’ll be certain that you can do this for yourself!

I am happy to post the latest in our series called ‘The Road To Success.’

In this instalment you are going to learn from Brock Murray who has pretty much done it all.  He has built his business from the ground up and now has several virtual offices that perform SEO services and digital marketing for businesses all over North America. He has obtained strategic partnerships with Shopify and has also experienced the hardships of running a growing business. All of which he speaks about in our interview.

Brock’s impressive business started with nothing more than web-design for family and friends and answering Kijiji (Craig’s List) ads.  This is most definitely something anyone can do to get their start in this business.  Sure, it can be a grind to start but there are very few businesses out there that take off without the need for a little hard work.

As Brock scaled his business he had to find ways to service more clients and he did so through the creative use of co-op students before he was able to begin hiring full time staff.  He does admit to some lack of general business knowledge and certainly suggests that for any full time employee you put a proper employment agreement in place to save yourself from future heartache.

Thankfully the use of offshore VA’s and freelancers limits these problems but the point to take away is that you need to clearly layout expectations (and if you haven’t used freelancers yet you will very quickly learn why).

That being said and he also suggests that a proper contract with client’s that lays out the deliverables is of the utmost importance as well.  I think we’ve all run across a client or two who like to take advantage of our kind nature and expect more than what was agreed upon.  Having a proper agreement in place will allow you to bill for your additional time and will allow the client to understand what is and more importantly what is NOT in the scope of your engagement.

We also learn from Brock the importance of customer service which is something a lot of the very large agencies can forget about in the pursuit of bigger dollars and billings.

Remembering that your client’s are business owners whose livelihood depends on their sales and treating them with a sense of urgency can go a long way. It demonstrates to them that you are just as concerned about their livelihood as they are (and this is worth its weight in gold as far as customer retention).

This interview is absolutely PACKED with good information to help you shed that 9-5 job or two refine your growing business.

Enjoy this instalment of ‘The Road To Success’ and please provide your comments as we love to hear them!

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  1. Taylor Bracken

    Great post Stuart! Brock sure delivers a lot of valuable information here.I totally agree that having a proper agreement in place will allow you to bill for your additional time and let your client know what’s outside the scope of the project. I’ve been burned on few deals where the client keeps adding extra services and I end up wasting so much time I lose money.

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      Stuart Trier

      Hey Taylor,

      Thanks for your message, yes Brock has a great system in place.
      Charging for one thing and being asked to do that and others without billing effectively just lowers your compensation.
      Happens all the time in consulting but can be dealt with well by setting proper client expectations.

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