How To Track And Improve Conversions For Free

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So if you are working in local SEO you are probably pretty focused on ranking your client’s site in the SERP’s.

You’ve done your keyword research and you know which phrases your client wants to target.

You’ve gone out and taken the appropriate actions to rank the site.


But in my mind this is only half the equation, you now need to focus on conversions.

Every visitor to your client’s site should be pushed into a sales process… (maybe we are selling them a product, a service, the brand, or just trying to get them to opt in to a lead magnet).

This all starts with simple conversion funnels and then tracking them in Google Analytics. If you are not doing this…then you should be!


Tracking these funnels in Google Analytics will allow you to visualize how traffic is flowing through the sales process. Its like having a crystal ball that shows you your lead’s thinking.

You will not only be able to identify at which step they are entering the process but more importantly you will see where they are leaving the process (which is something you’ll want to analyze and fix).

Ideally you want as many people hitting the goal (which is the last step in the process) as possible.

Think ‘Thank You’ page (thank you for purchasing, thank you for opting in, thank you for sending me your MONEY)!

If you build this out properly you can measure which steps you are gaining or loosing traffic on, you can A/B comparison test and improve the conversions on that step (and consequently improve the value you are delivering to your client).

If you thought your clients liked you when you were ranking them on Page 1 – wait until you start making the register go Cha-Ching!

If your new to Google Analytics or just want to outsource the set up please see our guide ‘Setting Up Google Analytics on WordPress‘.

If you are new to Conversion Funnels and want our step-by step guide click here ‘Setting Up Goals and Conversion Funnels on Analytics’

Hope this helps!

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