How To Triple Leads For Your Clients And Look Like A Superstar

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As we all know there are only really 3 ways to grow your business.

1) Increase your number of clients

2) Increase the amount they spend with you on each purchase

3) Increase the frequency they purchase with you

As SEO’s we have to learn to use these three levers strategically to grow both our businesses and our clients.

Today I want to share a simple system that I use in my business to consistently deliver growth (both mine and my clients).

This tactic can help with two of the three growth levers and can literally make you look like a rock-star in front of new or existing clients.

The Background

In my experience most local businesses have not begun to maximize the value of their existing websites and traffic.  They simply aren’t the lead generating machines that they should be.

Why do I say that?

Well, entrepreneurs wear many hats and in doing so they really don’t have time to delve into the analytics of their web traffic. They depend on SEO’s to rank their sites and more importantly drive as many leads as they can using search engine optimization and conversion optimization.

Most local business websites spend all their time trying to convert the people that are ready to purchase today with CTA’s (call-to-actions) for buy now offerings and they completely ignore the people thinking about buying in the near future (i.e. those in the research portion of the buying decision or those that are ‘still on the fence’ so to speak).

I spend a lot of time working with local companies and entrepreneurs and I can tell you from experience that they aren’t getting everything out of their websites that they could be.  

This is a huge opportunity for us as digital marketers and SEOs to step in and grab an easy win, increase our billings, and if done right, walk away with a few referrals in the process as well. 

It is a great demonstration for your new or existing clients that you’re ON TOP of your game and can push leads like no one else. 


The Tactic Explored

In order to properly set this up for you let’s first start with the definition of the tactic (and while you might of heard of this before you’re probably not using it…and you should be). 

The Lead Magnet – is an irresistible offer that gives a specific piece of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

The purpose of the lead magnet is to convert your client’s local, anonymous traffic into a database filled with leads and people interested in their product or service.

(Of course this also is what makes you look like a superstar!)

Using Lead Magnets The Right Way

It is a fact that entrepreneurs love more business, so pushing more people in their direction will have even the stodgiest of entrepreneurs begging you for your services.  

How do you use lead magnets to do this?

Well, while everyone is focusing on the buy now crowd you can easily build a database of people that will be buyers in the near future (i.e. the research mode buyers, or if you prefer, the sitting on the fence crowd) using the lead magnet approach.

AND NO, for those who are wondering, I’m not suggesting you don’t target the buy now crowd.  I’m suggesting you use this approach in addition to your current techniques.

By targeting this group of potential buyers you are igniting a huge pipeline of leads for your client’s business and you are using the numbers to your advantage (insert HUGE smile from my business partner Ian because I’ve now mentioned ‘analytics’ and ‘numbers in this blog).

How do the web-traffic figures break down for most local business?

If they are like the vast majority of my clients, only a very small percentage of traffic visiting their site is ready to buy their product/service today. These buyers that are ready to go cash-in-hand make up only 3-5% of the traffic.

What’s does this mean!?!??  

The clear majority of businesses focus their attention on these 3-5% because they have money in hand and they want to buy right now… 

But what about the other 95% of traffic that seem to visit the site and not email, call, or interact with your client or their offerings? 

We like to think of these people as an untapped well of leads for our clients (or potential clients).

We tap this large group of visitors and turn them into a constant flow of prospects for our client’s business.  

It is because they are not ready to buy today that most businesses, SEO’s and digital marketers don’t give them the same level of attention that they’d bestow upon the people with money in hand ready to buy today…but this is their fatal flaw.  

How can you simply ignore that much web-traffic? (HINT: you shouldn’t).

So how do you engage these people?

First we need to understand who these ‘research mode’ buyers are and why they are visiting our client’s site. 

If you start by examining your own buying patterns you will quickly realize there are times when you know what you want and you are ready to buy.  

BUT more often than that there are times when you know you want to make a purchase soon yet you want to gather some information, research the purchase and become a more educated buyer.

Perhaps there are even times when you know you will buy something 3-6 months down the line but it is a bigger purchase and you simply need to do that much more research and gain that much more comfort prior to a purchase (i.e. kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, new car, new computer,  etc.) 

The truth of the matter is that we all fall into this more broad category of buyers on a consistent basis yet many of us fail to address them when performing our client work.

The people in the research mode simply should not be ignored!

In fact, using the lead magnet strategy to convert some of this traffic into leads so that you can slowly build rapport with them via an automated system is the key to an ever flowing pipeline for your client’s business (and the key to your rock-stardom).

You need to help these people become an educated buyer of your client’s service.  You need to introduce them to their business, their team, their company, and why buying from them will be an enjoyable experience. 

This approach works for all local businesses and if done right will require some creativity and time to brainstorm exactly what your client’s traffic is looking for.

After all, how can you offer them an irresistible offer (Lead Magnet) if you haven’t done the appropriate amount of research?

…And considering how much research you likely do on keywords already, you’re pretty much a pro at this!

Here are some examples of the lead magnets I’ve put in place for some of my clients:

Kids Dentist

  • Discover the 3 sure fire tricks to get your kids excited to visit the dentist
  • How to tell if your kids are going to need braces with a quick 1 minute exam you can do at home
  • 5 creative ways to finance your kid’s braces if you don’t have insurance

Kitchen Renovation

  • 7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Kitchen Renovation Company
  • Simple Kitchen Renovation Checklist That Can Save You $000’s On Your Renovation 
  • Considering a Kitchen Renovation? – Download our Free Checklist Of Budgeting Tips

I think you get the picture.

You come up with some piece of information that will appeal to the large population of people who will consume or use your client’s product/service in the near future.

You know your client’s business and you likely know the frequently asked questions they receive (if not…Google it).   

Pick one or two and build a small guide to provide the relevant information on them (1-2 pages does the trick). 

(HINT: You need to spend as much time coming up with a catchy title as you do with the entire lead magnet content)

Once you have created the Lead Magnet the most important step is to ensure that this research crowd feels as though you are invested in them making the best possible buying decision.

You do this through implementing an e-mail touch point system that provides them with a further education on their purchase and you begin introducing your client’s team, process etc. thus conditioning the buyer to become comfortable with your clients business.

Selling A Lead Magnet System To Current and Potential Clients

So now that you have your concept, how do you sell this system to new and existing clients?

I personally like to use the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid) to ensure that my client gets value from this but more importantly I get value from this.

I approach doing this for existing clients differently than when I use this as a tripwire for cold traffic sales for my agency’s services.

So, if this is the first product I’m pitching to cold traffic I generally make this a low cost offer to get my foot in the door @ $49-99-$199 (depending on the industry). 

Once my foot is in the door I know that my impending rock-star status will gain me much more business from them as I know that I can mobilize a good percentage of that 95% of the web-traffic they aren’t currently touching.

If I am selling the lead magnet system to an existing customer I choose to go with a higher margin (flat one-time price) because the client already knows, likes and trusts us to serve them and their business. There is no need to discount pricing with established clients as you’re likely already doing some other work for them at a discounted value and this evens out the playing field a little bit.

If a client wants discounted pricing I generally refer them to Upwork directly and say good luck!…OK, not really but this product simply isn’t meant to be a loss leader when you already have their business and I can assure you they’ll gain 10x the value when you implement the system for them.

Implementing A Lead Magnet

We all know by now that I’m not a fan of ‘work’ so I have created a system of people to help me implement everything.  I will touch on this kind of approach because I know you can do it even on the smallest of budgets…but for the purposes of this blog I’m also going to walk you through what you will need to do even if you’re working on your own.

(I highly recommend you start outsourcing and use your additional time to gain more clients for your business – See my Ultimate Outsourcing Course if you need help) 

Lead Magnet Generation

Start your system by working with your client to understand their buyers and come up with an engaging lead magnet idea for the research crowd.  

Once you have your topic, you can either do the research on your own and write the content OR you can outsource the research and the writing to a virtual assistant who will do it for you (think for a second of the time it will take you to perform quality research, write content, review/revise the content and put it into a clean package and determine whether you could better use that time to grow your business).

Next, you want to build a banner that your client’s audience can click on.  For those who want to do it on their own, I highly suggest using (which is free) OR if you want something a little more professional you can get someone on Fiverr, or Upwork to do it for you.

Once you have done this portion of the work and much of the heavy lifting is over,  you still need a way to integrate the system and to set-up the ever important opt-in.  

While I am personally comfortable with ClickFunnels and LeadPages you can also simply have the opt-in built in wordpress and implement it directly on your client’s site (again, there are qualified VA’s that can do this simple task at very little cost and NONE of your time).

Finally, once you have your opt-in you need to prepare a compelling system of touch points so that you are using those e-mails to your client’s advantage.  

I’d suggest using a properly constructed series of emails and an auto-responder system that is integrated with your opt-in (Aweber and MailChimp work well) so that you aren’t actually having to be involved in the follow up process. (Hopefully you’ll be too busy selling your services to want to worry about sending e-mails).

While this all might sound a little complex it is relatively simple to execute after you’ve seen it the first time and the amount of doors it opens for you can be simply incredible!

(You can check out my own lead magnet system for kitchen renovation companies here)

I hope you give this system a shot for yourself as I know you’ll enjoy the results you achieve.

It should not take you long to set this up, build the lead magnet, banner, opt-in, auto-responder email series, and start driving triple the leads to your client.

When this happens you will certainly look like a super-star to your client.

Good Luck!

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