How to Warm Up Prospects

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Cold Traffic Conversion – Warming Them Up

In today’s video and blog I want to walk through cold traffic conversion, and what your digital marketing business is set up to do to warm up that traffic.

At it’s basic function, digital marketing is in place to attract your ideal prospect and this prospect has a pain point that your business has been set up to solve.

You then have to take them from not knowing you at all to getting them to know, like and trust you.

We do this because as soon as they know, like, and trust you, you are able to position an offer for your core services and they’re going to be open to buying those services that you’ve set up specifically to solve their problems.

One of the gaps that is out there right now in the digital marketing community is that marketers haven’t systematically sat down and thought about how to take somebody (that is just introduced to them) to a point where they get to know, like and trust them.

For example, if I said to you that you met somebody last night and you want to become friends with them, what are some things that you would do?

Well, you would probably run through a list of things that you like to do with your friends.

Maybe you want to invite them to go for coffee, or for lunch or dinner, drinks, movie, play sports, anything that you like to do in your free time.

There’s likely a system that you would follow, or a process, and you would be able to identify how you would move somebody that you just met as an acquaintance, to somebody that you would like to befriend.

Those steps are systematic for you.

Whether or not you would think of if that way or you see it as subconscious, you do have a system that you would walk people through to go from acquaintance to being your friend.

Now what we need to do is, we need to take your business and think about what needs to happen from the point somebody joins your list, or lands on your website to someone who is opting in for a lead magnet you’re offering, or someone you help with a problem they have in their business.

We want to warm them up to the point where they’re an eight, or a nine, or a ten in terms of likelihood that they would be interested in doing business with you.

THIS is the process for which you need to come up with a conversion system.

Thankfully there are a number of ways that we can do this.

One of the ways we talked about in a previous video was an effective tripwire offer.

A tripwire is set up specifically to appeal to the highest number of your prospects, and give them a low barrier offer where they can take that and almost audition your business.

With the effective tripwire offer;

  • You give them a risk reversal,
  • You give them a low cost,
  • You give them really high value (or ROI)
  • And then you over deliver results

That gives a prospect an opportunity to test you out.

Don’t be discouraged though as not everybody is going to be ready to buy a tripwire offer when they join your list, so you need to think of other ways that you can systematically warm them up to both you and your business so that they are moving along on that virtual escalator – going from cold to hot to ready to buy your service.

As an example, some of the things we’ve experimented with in our business are tactics like video sales letters where you identify a prospect’s pain point, you explain that you understand the pain point in their business, and you articulate it in such a way that you give them clarity that they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

By being able to articulate their pain point (likely better than they can), the natural assumption is that you have a solution to their problem and being busy this will intrigue potential clients enough to speak to you further (at the very least).

You can also warm people up through blog content, through video content or you could invite them to a webinar where you do some education-based marketing, and you show them how you’re going to help them solve a series of their problems.

The key with all of this warming process is to ensure that you aren’t stingy with the amount of value that you add.

Ultimately the person that is going to engage your company is not looking to take your information, run off and do it themselves…they are busy.

In fact, if they want to do that, let them, because they weren’t going to buy it from you anyway!

Simply put, in the warming process you want to do nothing more than to demonstrate value.

You want to demonstrate that you understand how to frame up their problem, how to take them from where they are to where they want to go using a very systematic approach.

Once you do that, you’re warming them up in marketing terms.

You’re getting them to know, like and trust you, and essentially what’s going to happen is, when you spend time perfecting this system, you’re able to take in leads, warm them up, sell them your core offer, get them to be wowed customers.  They’ll refer you more business from their colleagues which is great for helping to grow but you won’t need it because you’ll have a system that’s doing it all for you.

That’s ultimately how you build a business that scales up really, really quickly.

Good luck!

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