Increase Your Income And Work Less

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Make More By Working Smarter, Not Harder

If I told you that you could increase your income and work less, would you believe me?

Well you can and I am going to tell you exactly what I’ve done in my career to build and sell businesses without having to do all the work myself.

Today I wanted to talk to you about how you can spend your time more effectively. You can absolutely make more by working smarter, not harder in your digital marketing business.

Overall, digital marketing is plagued with people that work on their own as a kind of ‘solopreneur’ or by leading a small team (some of them in the office, some of them overseas) and the most effective way to ensure you can work less and make more is by managing the most limited resource you have…your time!

We’re all given the same 24 hours a day. You, me, Bill Gates. We all have 24 hours and how much we earn really comes down to how we invest our time each day.

A lot of us spend that time without giving it a lot of thought and it’s really unfortunate because that’s probably the differentiation between people that make $100k,  $500k, and a even a million dollars a year.

It’s just the quality of what they invest their time into!

First and foremost, I just want to point out a couple of things. Hopefully to get you to think about how you’re spending your time currently, how you could better spend your time, and how you can make your journey to whatever goal you’re trying to reach that much easier for you.

We all work approximately 40 hours a week (let’s be serious…for most of you it is WAY more than that).

I’m just going to make some assumptions. Forty hours a week for work, 50 weeks a year means that we have 2,000 hours.

You, me, whoever else is working in this digital marketing world. We have 2,000 hours.

Now the amount of money that we make very often comes back to how we spend that time, so we need to take a more careful look at what our days are comprised of.

We need to start by asking ourselves a couple of questions.

Number one, what activities in my business lead to me making more money?

These are things like lead generation. How are we doing lead generation. How are we attracting those ideal prospects into our business.

Very often, we’re not spending enough time on that key task because we are busy dealing with the rest of our business.  The problem is that this step is like a key performance indicator for you making money in your business.

The more leads that come into your business, especially those ideal prospects, the more money you’re going to ultimately be able to make so you need to be devoting some time in your day to building out lead gen systems or attraction systems that will bring in those ideal prospects.

Then, you need a way to warm those prospects up. Bringing them to a level of 8, 9, and 10, where they’re going to want to buy from you, and then turning those prospects into clients.

That’s your sales system. I call that your conversion system.

You need to have a certain amount of time every week devoted to building out that conversion system.

Then lastly, you need to be able to deliver top notch results and experiences for your clients.

In order for you to deliver this to your clients without you doing all the work and taking all of your time doing that work, you want to build out a system that is documented with processes, tasks, and SEO Cheat Guides (or process maps) that show your employees how to do what you do for your ideal clients.

You need to ensure that the whole deliver system is built out so that clients get that WOW experience you want them to. That experience where they want to come back, continue to work with you, refer their friends, and pay you a healthy margin so you can afford to have employees doing the work in all three areas of the business.

Ultimately your job as an entrepreneur is to deploy your 2,000 hours working on this system because if you create the attract/convert/deliver system, where others are doing the work and you’re marking up that work you actually have a business.

Sure, you’re getting paid the margin difference but you’ve also built a financial asset that others are going to want to own, because you’ve built something that attracts that prospect, converts them into clients, delivers that wow experience.

People want to buy businesses like that.

That’s ultimately how you unleash the highest level of value for yourself as an entrepreneur.  You build out the system that does that for your ideal prospects, solves a problem that they have and delivers them the results without you having to be involved or micro manage the entire process.

I can guarantee that you have the tools to do this but don’t get caught in the same trap as 99% of digital marketers out there.

Invest the time now to build out your attract, convert and deliver systems and I know from experience that you’ll do far less work and make far more money than you ever thought possible.

Good luck!


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