How to Increase Your Value and Fees for Local Clients

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Adding Value To Clients And Increasing Fees – An Example

Today I wanted to go through how adding value to clients can ultimately make you more money in your digital marketing business.  By using a little outside the box thinking to offer your client’s some creative and valuable options you can drastically increase your fees with little effort.

What we’re going to review today is an example of a high value niche and how adding value to clients without focusing only on traffic related issues can help increase your fees.

Now, we’re not talking about SEO, or PPC, or Facebook ads.  This is just more of a real life example on how you can add value to your existing clients today.

Today we are going to look at specifically the window replacement niche. It’s a high value niche and as you likely know, a typical window replacement is somewhere between $450 and $1,000 per double pane window (or $6,000 to $15,000 on an average house).  Ultimately, not small business.

Really what I want to demonstrate is that for a niche like this where a client could potentially be paying somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000 to get their windows changed, the profit margin is at least 1,500 to $6,000 per job. So there is no doubt that conversions really matter. Clearly it’s not just about traffic. It’s also about making sure that we do a good job of converting the traffic that lands on the page, into paying clients for our customers.

For illustration purposes I hopped onto Google, looked for window replacement in Ottawa then just took the first site that came up in the organic search results ( They’re on page one both for the map pack, and for organic meaning that they’re definitely doing SEO (for those that don’t know, Ottawa has a population of about 1.2 or 1.5 million people so there’s no way they’re ranking without doing SEO as it is too competitive a market).

Overall this is a pretty typical site, so I walk through, look at what they’re doing on the page, and see how they could really improve what they’re doing.

As you’ll see, you have your standard CTA’s (which are your calls to action). They’re giving out their email address, phone number, “Schedule yours today for a free estimate,”  “Book your in home estimate” etc.

So you’ll note that they have four calls to action, all revolving around somebody ready to buy today and that’s really what I want to point out for pages like this.

Then you’ll see a couple of, “Read more,” for more information calls to action but nothing outside the norm for any other page from any other business you’ll see in this niche.

I would say this is pretty typical of local business websites and while I wouldn’t say it’s great, I certainly wouldn’t say it’s terrible either. The site is definitely ranking, and they’re obviously spending a fair amount of money on search engine optimization.

If this company is paying for SEO, we know they’re on page one organically, we know they’re on maps, and they’re ranking for their money keyword, which is, “Window replacement Ottawa.”

How hard would it be to add more value?

Let’s just look at some numbers here. We’ve got an average house that has 15 windows and let’s just say it’s 400 to $1,000 per window to replace. That means your average jobs somewhere between $6,000 and $15,000 and your average profit at about 20% profit margin which is pretty typical in the trades business (so about $1.2k to $3k in profit).

Here’s where the good stuff comes in.  I wanted to give you ball park so that you can start to think about how much value you would be driving by focusing on conversions.

Even a site that is doing well in terms of driving traffic where the SEO is doing their job by ranking number one there’s still a lot of opportunity to convert people better.

The number one thing that I notice is that few of the sites I visited have anything addressing people in the research phase of the buying decision. Every one of the calls to action,were related to people that were ready to buy today.  This is a deficiency and is a definite area where you can add value to your clients.

What you want to introduce to clients is definitely the lead magnet concept that Ryan Dice, and Perry Belcher over at Digital Marketer made famous.  These lead magnets will address the very large group of people not ready to ‘buy today’ and will help you begin to get them to know your client’s business when they are ready to pull the trigger on a purchase.

I looked around trying to find decent lead magnets in this industry, and they really just don’t exist, which is mind blowing to me. If someone is going to spend $25,000 on window replacements, they’re not just going to Google, putting in window replacements and then saying, “Oh, this is the company that shows up number one. I’m going to use these guys.”

Really, using a lead magnet allows you to frame the buying decision for them? This is something Chet Holmes introduced in The Ultimate Sales Machine and really isn’t used enough to help with conversions.

If you are able to frame how your prospect makes their buying decision (i.e. what’s important to the average consumer when selecting a vendor) you can really slant a decision in favor of your client with a little strategically placed information. Not to mention you’re also capturing an email address before you send it out to them, which brings us into our next piece of advice.

Once you help a client with your lead magnet, you can then help them setup an auto-responder sequence. Most local businesses don’t follow the digital marketing space so they’re not as in tune with how auto-responders work or how lead magnets work which is why it is such a good opportunity for you to demonstrate your value. They’re really dependent on us, for us to do this for them.

The great thing about these two offerings is that none of this is like SEO. Once you know how to do it, you can systematize it, you can hand it off to VA’s and just push it to clients in the same niche with very slight alterations. Once you’ve done it for one person in a niche, doing it for another person in the niche just becomes incredibly easy which is why it is so valuable for digital marketers trying to scale their business.

The next thing I would look at offering to a client are testimonials.

What are your customers saying?

This is often an overlooked question and is an extremely effective way to convert someone into a buyer. If you’re going to spend somewhere between $6,000-$20,000 on window replacements, you really want to feel comfortable that the company you’re dealing with is reputable, and testimonials are the social proof that have the most impact.

Another thing I would look at doing in this niche specifically (I’ve done it for the kitchen renovation industry) is time lapse video.  You put your banner and your client’s banner on the back of their installer’s sweaters and have a replacement filmed.  Then using time lapse in two minutes to three minutes you show a customer exactly what’s going to happen.

This offering allows the customer to envision your company, or your clients company doing the work at their house, and it really gives them a good idea of what’s happening.

As an added benefit and from an SEO perspective this tactic increases the average time on site. People really watch these videos and if you make a three or four minute video it dramatically increases the amount of time people spend on the site. It’s definitely worth looking at, specifically in an industry like this where the value of each customer is so high. This is really what’s going to differentiate you.

Then lastly there is the ever effective re-targeting pixel. With a high value niche like this where each client is worth at least $1,200 in profit, you should be installing the pixel on every page. If you want my free step by step guide on how to setup a Facebook pixel for your clients, you can download it here.

It’s pretty easy to see that simply focusing on adding value to clients can give you so much more opportunity for fees and I hope you try some of these ideas for yourself.


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