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Know Who Your Competitors Are Targeting With Their Facebook Ads

Today I have another Facebook hack that’s going to allow you to reverse engineer how people are targeting you! You’ll be able to use this little hack to help both yourself and your clients and I’ll tell you how.

Very often, what you’re going to see are sponsored ads showing up on Facebook from other digital marketers and a lot of these marketers are in the same market as you are. In fact, that’s often how they’re targeting you!

What I like to do is to take a look at exactly how they’re targeting me because it give me a lot of insight and I can easily recreate what is working for them.

So, targeting me are people like Todd Brown or Russell Brunsen. These are some of the really great marketers online in the digital marketing field so I like to see how they’re targeting me, because a lot of times there are some tid-bits hidden in the details that provide some great insignt.

I also get targeted for the chiropractic niche just because I worked in that business and because I’m really curious I like to see how people are targeting chiropractors.

Knowing why I’m seeing any Facebook ads becomes important because I can save on my Facebook Ad spend if I know something is working for someone else and I see them generating lots of leads or interest with a specific advertisement.

This is just a quick hack that you can use to do the same thing.

It’s interesting to see, because when you reverse engineer these things, you can put it to use for your clients or your business, depending on how you use Facebook ads.

In order to see this best you can watch the video or you can navigate to Facebook and find a sponsored advertisement (which means someone is paying to show you their Ad).

What you’re going to do when you find one is to click is the little arrow at the corner of the ad where it is going to bring down a drop down section.

You want to look at, “Why am I seeing this?” and Facebook is going to tell you why someone is paying showing you an advertisement.

For example, I see an Ad for Todd Brown and I learn by reading what pops up that “Todd Brown Marketing wants to reach people who have visited his website or used one of their apps. This is based on customer information provided by Todd Brown Marketing.”

I also learn that he wants to reach people between the ages of 21 to 64 who live near Kingston, Ontario (I happen to live in Kingston, Ontario) so he’s targeting me one of two ways.

I actually own Todd Brown’s recent CS5 funnel course so that’s an example of how we’re able to see what he’s doing.

By applying this locally, you can save yourself a lot of money in Ad spend by knowing what is working for someone else in your area or knowing what is working with your competition.

In knowing their parameters you can reduce your ads target market size by creating a custom audience that is focused and by doing this you are creating a more effective, more targeted and more cost efficient advertisement.

Again, this is an interesting way for you to reverse engineer someone else’s work, especially if you’re focused in a niche and you’re starting to see ads from other providers or other marketers that are trying to hit your niche.

This is a great way for you to see how they’re playing in your market with Facebook ads and you can learn from both their successes and mistakes.

I hope you got something out of this!

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