How to Land Clients Easily (Google Hack #3)

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Landing Clients On Autopilot – Google Hack

Today, I want to talk to you about how to land clients easily. This is a Google hack that we use for landing clients on autopilot and this one is perfect for newbie marketers.

For those that are new to digital marketing or those doing this as a side hustle this Google hack will help you as you being to grow your digital agency because it is an easy way for you to land those ever important first clients.

Typically, when I’m talking to marketers you’re going to hear me talking about attract, convert, deliver.

You’re going to hear me talk about ‘niching down’ where we are really picking out your niche and are focusing on building a sustainable, long term business that’s built to be sold.

BUT, if you’re just starting out, you’re looking for cash-flow and you’re looking for an easy way to land clients, this is a perfect tactic for you because this is going to help you avoid getting into commodity pricing issues.

It’s going to help you get business owners to call you, which is great because now you’re on the phone with the decision maker.

You’re not going to have to chase them and it’s going to position you as a solution to a problem they have.

I’m going to show you, through this process, how to stand out so that you really have a great opportunity to grab business without having to do a lot more than put this tactic into play, rinse and repeat over and do it over and over again.

What you’re going to do is hop into Google to start.

We are searching for companies that are looking for marketing assistants. Yes, they are not looking for SEO, they are not looking for PPC, they are not looking for Facebook ads.

They’re looking for a generic solution, meaning they have a problem, and they haven’t framed it up or chunked it down into specific tactics.

They’re just saying, “I need marketing help.”

Lucky for you, you’re a digital marketer! You have that skill set needed for this.

Now, I don’t want to pit you, as a beginning digital marketer, against experienced digital marketers. I want to position you as a new digital marketer with skills, including entrepreneurial skills, against an employee who really doesn’t have any of these skills.

Typically, the people that are applying for these marketing assistant jobs, they’re admins. They don’t have specific knowledge that you have. They haven’t spent any time researching or understanding the marketing sphere. They’re just looking for a job.

If you’re going to take somebody who knows something about marketing and is an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to solve problems, wants to be proactive, and you’re going to compare them against somebody who wants to work nine to five, punch a clock, take home a paycheck, you’re going to win every time!

What we want to do is slide in and make that comparison for that entrepreneur that you are the answer to their problem, and make it really easy for you to stand out and hopefully have them take you up on that offer to help them with that part of their problem, which is that hiring somebody like you locally to come in to their office and help them out with this.

All you really need to do is sell them on the benefits of hiring you over hiring an employee (and there are MANY advantages for the business owner fro that).  You can do marketing, you can do social media, you can do content etc.

All of these nuances are what business owners are looking for and it all starts with Googling ‘marketing assistant.’

How are you going to convince them?

Here’s what I’d do (and have done before). I’ve pulled together a quick example email just to show you what I would suggest if I was in your situation and was looking to make some quick cash, or wad looking for this easy win.

Here’s an example of the email (note: that you’d need to put a little more work into your e-mail but I just want you to get the flavor for what I’m talking about);

Subject line would be something like, “Application for …” whatever the job title was – perhaps marketing assistant.

“Dear …” Hopefully they gave the name of the person that’s the hiring person. If not, do a little research. Hopefully find that.

“Dear,” let’s say, “Jane,” or, “Jon, I recently came across your ad for “Insert the title of the ad. I took the initiative of pulling together a quick video to demonstrate my skills and hopefully end your search for …” Whatever that job title is.

Then, what I would do, is I would make a custom thumbnail with their logo so they can click to see the video or your landing page.

I would insert the job title, their company name, and right at the bottom, just to be a little cheeky, sign it ‘your marketing wizard.’

What you’re doing is your sending them to either a YouTube video or a Landing page that you set up specifically for the job.

This is something that you would make a custom video for and you’d just change the thumbnail for each one.

In that video you may say, “Hey, I have experience with Facebook ads, with PPC, with SCO.” Give them some examples of why you’re a better option than an employee and point out that this is likely the most creative application they’ve seen.

I would even layout something like this;

“Hey, you’re looking to hire a marketing assistant. They’re going to cost you $15 an hour. They’re going to want 40 hours a week. They’re going to work 52 weeks a year. That’s $31,200. You’re going to pay $2600 a month or $600 a week and you’re still going to have other employee costs. They really have no experience with SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, social media management, content creation, syndication, sales funnels etc. Maybe they have some work experience when it comes to admin. That’s great, but based on this number, I’m willing to do everything that they’re going to do for you as a marketing assistant for 35% of what you’re going to pay. You don’t need to provide me with an office. You don’t need to look after me. Most importantly, you’re not going to have to spend the same amount of time teaching me what to do, showing me what has to happen, manage me on week to week basis.”

Really, what you’re doing is you’re putting together a side by side comparison proposing that they outsource that portion of their marketing and that you’re the best, most experienced and least expensive option.

I would make this into a video presentation. It’s going to be really easy to stand out, especially with a thumbnail that’s customized for the potential client.

Inevitably what’s going to happen is if you do this right then out of ten times you’re likely to end up with at least three clients.

Maybe each video takes you four or five minutes to shoot based on some small tweaks you want to do specifically for that company most especially if they’ve given you their URL and you want to go in and do a little bit of research or come up with some ideas.

Sure you’re going to spend some time customizing, but this kind of cold outreach is going to be well received from that business owner.

Just the initiative of pulling together a video for them, demonstrating your skill-set, proposing something that’s going to be cheaper, easier, save them time, solve the problem they have etc.

THIS is how you land clients really easily, really quickly, and you’re going to get experience.

Again, all of this is just to land quick cash so you can get the experience and start to frame up your business the way it should be with the attract, convert, deliver systems in place.

In the beginning, when you need cash flow, this is a great way start.

I hope this helps you get some perspective and some quick wins!

Good Luck!

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