Leverage Your Existing Clients to Close More Deals

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Hey, guys. Stuart Trier here. Today’s video, we’re going to talk about how to use collaboration for easy cold outreach. We’re going to leverage your existing clients, we’re going to pull together a strategy that’s going to allow you to pre-frame cold outreach to your ideal prospects, it’s going to allow you to produce quality content for your existing clients, it’s going to allow you to generate real social shares for your clients’ content, and most importantly, it’s going to allow you to land more clients for your marketing business. All of this is encapsulated in one strategy that you’re going to pull together just following along.

All right, so let’s run through an example. We’re going to use the kitchen renovation niche as the example, just so I can show you how you can do this, but this could be applied to any niche. It just takes a little bit of creativity, and once you bring it into the business it allows you to grow your business while serving your clients all at the same time. All right, so how to pre-frame cold outreach to ideal prospects. Rather than reaching out to those ideal prospects that you want to land as clients and pitching them your services, contact them with what we call ego bait. Ask them if they would be interested in contributing a quote, a picture, some kind of tip, etc, as en expert in their niche for their city for a post you’re pulling together for one of your clients.

Use the post to build quality content for your existing client, so this is something along the lines of emailing out to five people in your ideal niche prospect list in other cities, so if it was kitchen renovation and your client was in Chicago, you’d email five kitchen companies in different cities, and ask them if they’d be interested in contributing to a post as an expert in their kitchen renovation Chicago, or whatever city they’re in. Then, what’s in it for them is what you need to explain. You want to tell them that you’re offering to back link to their site, which is going to provide them with a quality inbound link. You’re going to let them know they will be the only one quoted in their city, so there’s really not competition. They’re just being viewed as an expert in their city for their niche, and then you’re going to recognize them as being that expert. That’s where they get the positioning, that’s where they get that ego bait.

The next step is you’re going to write the article. When you’re done, you’re going to ask each expert to share the article on social media. Make it as easy for them to share as possible. That’s where you’re going to get real social shares, real social signals coming in to your client’s site. You want to ensure you position them as an expert. That’s where the ego bait comes in. If they come off looking like an expert, they’re going to want to share it, and depending on the angle of the post, they may even link to it from their site, which is going to create inbound links to your client’s site for you.

This is going to help you land more clients for your business because it makes it really easy to reach out to your ideal prospects. You have value to offer them in the form of an inbound link. People like to be recognized as experts, so they’re going to take those emails and calls. They get to see how you help your clients, and it opens the door for them to get to know, like, and trust you. You can let them know you’ll only serve their niche, and often this leads to a conversation about you helping them. And the whole value for your client is maybe you’re getting five tips from experts on what you should know before you hire a kitchen renovation company. You pull in those five experts, they give you those five tips, your client gets that quality piece of content, all of those experts are in different cities, so there’s no competition for your client, and everybody kind of wins from this strategy. You end up landing more clients, you get real social shares for your client, you potentially get inbound links for your client, and you have a great opportunity to kind of interact with your ideal prospects.

Anyway, I hope you got a lot out of this. If you did, definitely hit the subscribe button, give me a thumbs up on YouTube. YouTube really like that engagement, as do I. Leave a question or comment below. I’ll make sure to engage with you here on the channel, and I’ll see you on the next video.


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