Why I Love to Take Action (And You Should Too)

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Are you the type of person who finds it challenging to take something new on?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about all the possible issues you may encounter?

Do you worry about looking foolish?

Don’t feel adequately prepared until you are competent at something?

If you said yes to any one of these the good news is….so did everyone else!

I recently taught my daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels. She is the type of kid where a lot of things have come easy for her. She’s naturally bright (she definitely get’s that from her mother) and most things related to language and learning have been fairly easy for her (lucky girl).

Well…riding a bike is not one of those things. It is something you can’t just think your way through. You have to actually try, fall, get up and try again.

At first she wanted to give up and just say she’s not good at driving a two wheel bike. I had to explain to her that there are going to be many things in life she will not be naturally good at…BUT… if she gives up on them she will miss out on a world of fun.

I used the example of swimming (perhaps her favorite activity).

When she first went into the water she would not let us leave her alone (even with her puddle jumper on). Sure enough over the course of a summer she went from scared being on her own, to comfortable on her own with the puddle jumper, to swimming a few feet on her own in the shallow end, to swimming our pool with no issues. Now she is a pool rat and we can’t get her out of it.

She quickly saw the logic of how giving up on swimming would mean she would not be able to enjoy the pool.

This same approach applies to all of us. As we get older we tend to avoid things we don’t have a natural ability to do and it really limits us in many ways.

Pick something you want to achieve with your business. There is going to be resistance and when you first try it you are not going to be world class at it but if you push through it and just take action, you will quickly improve.

You need to realize that you are not going to be an expert at every facet of what you want to achieve. There will be things you will have to do for the first time and there will be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way.

For example, think about when you first learned to drive a manual car (for those who have). When you start out you are worried about how to use the clutch, the shifter, and just generally making the car move without stalling. But, a few weeks into driving you can drive, eat and have a conversation all at the same time without any concerns.

The list of new things you have taken on in your life that began as challenging only to eventually master is very long. It’s unfortunate but somewhere along the way we get conditioned to stop wanting to take action on new things and it costs us in many different ways.


How does this apply to SEO?

Well when I first started my SEO business I was working full time. Luckily I had some friends that needed my help ranking their sites and building new sites. By providing quality work I was able to get referral business and the business grew (most of you likely have the same experience here).

As it went from a hobby to a small business I wanted to grow. I had to find a way to generate more sales. I needed a system that could bring in new clients even while I was working my day job.

I knew if the business was going to grow into a real company it had to have a system to attract new prospects, convert them into leads, and somehow get those leads to try our service. Oh, and the system couldn’t be solely dependent on me as I had a ‘day job’. But, I didn’t know how to set it up.

So I started taking action and playing with different approaches and ways to bring people through a process.

I didn’t look at it as ‘how do I go from cold traffic to a sale?’. That’s to big of a leap. I wanted to know how to get people to take micro actions. So I chunked it down into the various steps that I imagined someone having to go through.

I’d visit a page…then click for more info…then jump on a call.. then I’d push them to give me a small job I knew I could handle. By chunking it down and taking small actions I became more confident and I made people buyers (which is the key to growth). I eventually figured out how to build out a sales process that was effective and that I could have employees oversee.

Over time by taking action, I was able to build out a complete sales program that my employees could use to bring in new clients for our business. Eventually I managed to build a sales process that worked very, very well.

The point here is that if you take action you build momentum, you get the feedback to see what is working and what is not working, you course correct and learn and when people see you taking action they are way more likely to help.

You have to put yourself in a position to fail so that you can ultimately succeed. Too often we have a tendency to want to play it safe and not risk failure but just as I tried to teach my daughter playing it safe would have meant no swimming and no riding her bike the same applies to us all in our business and our lives. No risk definitely means no reward (especially in our business).

What is playing it safe costing you in your life and in your business?

That’s a question you really should be asking yourself…A LOT!

MJ make a shot

In case you are wondering, YES, I still feel the resistance to take action in my life but I push myself to do it anyway.

For example, I am not naturally inclined to want to be on camera (I feel like a bit of a tool) but I realize it is an important part of building rapport with people and it will likely be necessary for me to take my business to the next level.

So ultimately I’ve decided that I am going to force myself to hop on the camera and pull together video content – My latest attempt at this is explaining our new Sales Process Tripwire & Done For You Product. It might be laughable but I’m going to do it anyway. You can feel free laugh at me by clicking on the video below!


Overall I know I am at the beginning of a process (much like riding a bike). In a few short months if I push myself to make videos, the quality and my comfort level will both develop (well…fingers crossed anyway).

By embracing the “action taking” and pushing through this process you will quickly differentiate yourself from many in your industry that will not push through the resistance.

In summary, you need to learn to build that ‘take action muscle’ and considering you likely have an area you would like to become more competent in you should GO FOR IT! I know you can do it and I really do want to hear your success stories.

Chunk it down into manageable parts. View it as a process. And start to take action!

Inevitably, over time what was once extremely difficult will become easier (much like riding a bike or swimming). You will extend your circle of excellence and things that were beyond your scope will now become things you are capable of doing.

As you build on that you start to elevate your game and enjoy the benefits of taking action. People will view you differently. Things just naturally seem to happen for people that are willing to take action.

Objects in motion stay in motion.. and good things will happen!

I wish you the best and look forward to hearing about the actions you are taking.

If you are comfortable sharing what you have struggled to take action with, and are committed to doing I’d love to hear it in a comment below.

Hope you got something from this post, if you did please share it with your friends and family. We all need a push from time to time.

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