How to Make a $6,240 Sale TODAY!

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An Effective Sales Tactic For Your Digital Marketing Business

Today I want to talk to you about how you can make an extra $6,240 sale today.

It doesn’t matter if you have existing clients or if you’re a newbie marketer, this effective sales tactic will work for both you.

If you already have existing clients, this is what I would call a back-end offer. It’s something that you would bring to your existing clients and offer to them.

If you’re just new and just starting out, this is a fantastic product for you to pitch to cold traffic because really what it is is it’s a tremendous amount of value that you’re sending to them, and if they take you up on it, great, you’re going to make a ton of money.

Even if they just take your ideas and walk away, they’re going to look at you as somebody who’s brought them value.

So maybe you don’t get this one, maybe you get the next opportunity that they have, but you’re going to start to build that relationship and they’re going to start to have that know-like and trust factor for your business.

Okay. Without further ado, I’m going to walk you through what I’m talking about here.  So let’s start!

The way I like to position offers is really to put myself in my prospect’s shoes.

I’m going to use the kitchen renovation niche today as an example.

Particularly the way I like to start is at the finish line meaning – what do my clients ultimately want?

They ultimately want paying customers (can’t blame them…we all do). They want to sell kitchens and install them because that’s their business.

So what I want to do is I want to reverse this journey for them so that I can show them how the product (or outcome) that I’m proposing, is going to help them fulfill that end goal that they want.

If they want to get paying clients, they need leads. If they want leads, they’ve got to have a lead magnet or something else on their site that is going to convert traffic or prospects into leads. Then in order for people to land on their site, they need content and they need blog posts.

That’s the journey that I want to bring them through on that sales process.

I do this by saying, “Hey, in order for you to generate a ton more people hitting your site, you need to have content,”

And what does that content need to be around?

Well, this is where the fun starts and this is a free tool anyone can use.

This is something that you can use in your existing niche for your existing clients, but you can also go out there and try it on all kinds of niches because it literally takes five minutes to do.

There is a search engine called

Basically what it does is it goes out and it curates all of the questions that people are asking specifically around a niche.

I’m going to use the kitchen renovation niche like I mentioned earlier. I would type in a keyword around that.

You also have country options that you can fill in to get even more nationalized information.

Then you just click get the questions and it goes into action and it builds a report for you!

The results you receive are a visual and text version.

By typing ‘kitchen renovation’ we’ve received the following questions for example;

  • How much is a kitchen renovation,
  • How long is kitchen renovation,
  • How much does kitchen renovation cost?
  • Etc.

It’s just giving you all of the questions people are currently asking and this is a goldmine because you have crystal clear insight into the buyer’s pain points or ares of confusion.

If it’s a new niche for you and you’re not that familiar with it, this is great because it gives you a ton of insight into what their clients are ultimately looking for in terms of content.

I gather the information from this site and it gives me content ideas or proposed blog ideas that I like to send to existing clients, and/or new clients, or proposed clients. It is a brilliant way of demonstrating to someone that you are an expert in their industry.

For example, from the questions above I’d come up with valuable content ideas like;

  • Kitchen renovation on a budget
  • Kitchen renovation ideas For small spaces
  • Kitchen renovations under $5,000
  • Kitchen renovation before and after

These ideas would all be pitched to a client as content ideas and just with that one search, it generated 126 different questions that we would be able to propose as blog ideas.

Then of course you’d need to add a catchy title and going one step further you’d want to propose a lead magnet that would tie to each.

To make that process easier I put the questions into related buckets and have a lead magnet that I would be pushing where I’d have three or four questions answered per lead magnet.

If you’re already selling content creation (or plan to be) it’s a five-minute process to get 100+ questions.

It’s almost your content calendar for an entire year if you propose that each blog post is going to be $120 (a fair price for a great blog article), that’s $6,240 worth of work over the year if they can do one a week.

If you’re already selling SEO, you know content is king.

If you start to pull together this kind of content, you’re really going to drive a lot of people to that page.

Put a lead magnet on each of those blog posts and you’re going to capture a lot of leads.

Your clients are going to love you and it’s going to be a great investment at $6,240. They’re really going to get a great ROI.

If you walk them through the fact that these blog posts attach to a lead magnet, capture leads, and gets them to their ultimate goal of paying clients, it’s a high likelihood you’re going to make a sale.

On cold traffic where you’re sending this to somebody that’s not an existing client, you’re basically sending them a list of ideas for content that they can create (and since you’ll look like an expert in the industry it’ll certainly be intriguing enough for them to contact you).

Now, you may take a cynical view and say, “Well what if they take this content and decide to go and do it themselves?”

Who cares!

Send it to the next kitchen renovation company, send it to the next whatever in niche you’re in.  Keep going down that line until you get a host of customers who understand the value (and this is also a good offering to perfect yuor cold e-mail pitch).

Ultimately the value in this is not the idea. The value in this is actually pulling together those blog posts.

In terms of how we do that we hire writers and we’re actually working on this in our business but I’ll cover that in future videos and blogs.

Enjoy and happy prospecting!

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