How To Make Attracting New SEO Clients Simple And Easy

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Why do so many SEO’s & digital marketers have a hard time growing their businesses?

The quick answer to this is that most SEO’s while technically sound don’t have a defined marketing system to target a group of prospects let alone any system at all to convert them to leads that are ready, willing and able to give them money for the services they sell.

Dan Kennedy who is basically the Michael Jordan of direct response marketing has said to grow you must have “A reliable, predictable and consistent system that affordably, and efficiently provides abundant quantities of quality prospects, customers, and clients.” While that may be a mouthful it’s VERY true.


So let’s take a second and examine what it takes to set up an effective SEO marketing system…

The first principal is to understand what a client is worth to your business? This is the starting point for any proper marketing system and in many ways is the ‘X Factor’ for dominating your market (and not the crappy American Idol knock-off either).

As much as I hate doing this to you let’s quickly delve into the math so you can start to see how knowing this number is SO important to your business and how it should become the basis through which you operate going forward.

Let’s make the following assumptions.

Your average customer pays you $500/month
Your average customer stays with you for 13 months
Your average expenses are 30% of revenue

Using my trusty calculator (his name is Ian and he likes this stuff) each customer would be worth $4,550 over his or her lifetime.

From Ian (he has too much free time on his hands…I need to work him harder)
Revenue: $500 * 13 = $6,500
Expenses: $6,500 * 30% = $1,950
Lifetime Profit: $6,500 – $1,950 = $4,550

Now that we have this number we need to ask ourselves: Why is this information so important?

Well…with it you can make an educated decision as to how much to invest in bringing in new clients.

For Example: If you know each new client is worth $4,550 to your business but your competitors think a new client is only worth the $350 they will make off the first month then you can easily dominate them by making offers that are unbeatable based on your competition’s point of view.

unfair advantage

As you start to approach lead generation with this mindset it is very easy to see how you can differentiate yourself from your competition by making irresistible offers to potential clients.

Essentially the point is to force your self into ‘long term’ thinking and not get caught up with the other 99% of SEO’s out there thinking about their business on a month to month basis.

The next consideration when building out your marketing system is to build up a communication and attraction strategy that is custom for ONE business niche. You need to avoid the one size fits all, lazy tactics that I guarantee a majority of your competitors will employ.

Tailoring your message to your ideal buyer is something that will help you stand out from the crowd and more importantly will give your potential customers confidence that you understand their business, where they are coming from and the pains they go through on a day to day basis. You’re giving yourself credibility and from the eyes of a buyer that’s everything.

The further benefit of focusing on a niche market is that it allows for huge cost savings, in terms of the level of up front work required every time you bring on a new client. Think about it for a second. Once you have set up the framework for the niche it’s basically cookie-cutter from there. Of course, you’ll need to make certain aspects look a little different each time but overall the basis of it is IDENTICAL. It really does fit into that whole ‘work smarter not harder’ mentality.

In addition as you become familiar with the business niche all aspects of your work will become easier and more efficient. Think about key word research, understanding the market, the pain points, the end customer wants and desires etc. All of this becomes easier if you focus on one business niche and go deep.

Here are some other GREAT selling features of focusing on a single niche at a time:

  • You will be able to build out content and offers that speak directly to your ideal prospects…
  • You are able to develop a customer / client lead generation process that is 100% targeted to your business audience…
  • It will become easier to break through the noise of the one-size fits all generic offers that people receive every day…

Your competition is likely too lazy to apply this approach (short term thinkers remember) so you’ll clean up!

Now that you have the basics let’s look at how we can set up a lead generation program targeted to a specific niche.

The only thing you need to remember for now is that our goal when setting up a lead generation program for our target market is to MAKE AN OFFER.

How to build an effective efficient lead generation campaign for your SEO business

Let’s review

  1. We have a strong understanding of what a customer is worth to our business
  2. We have a specific business niche we want to target
  3. We have done some research and understand this business niche, their pain points, their client’s needs and how they serve them best

Let’s take a local business niche like Chiropractors.

Here is a bit of background on this industry;

There are 75,000 in the United States, 7,250 in Canada, 4,250 in Australia, and 3,000 in the UK. (As per

The median expected annual pay for a typical chiropractor in the United States is $135,991

Some interesting things to note about chiropractors

  • Highly educated with 4 years of undergraduate college
  • 5 years of Chiropractic study
  • Very little time in their curriculum is devoted to marketing
  • Like all other businesses they have to attract and build their client base

They offer a wide range of services, products, programs that can be packaged and marketed to their local community.

(If you are wondering how I got all of this information I’d like to tell you about a wonderful tool from the internet machine called ‘Google…)

Let me now walk you through how I would approach targeting this group. The intention of this is to demonstrate how you can build out your own lead generation process and open the floodgates of clients to your business.

You can either target your business niche online or you can use direct response mail. I like bulky mail to capture attention…but with a professional group like chiropractors they are easy enough to target online.

I would also look to target Facebook ads directly at people that like the chiropractic college, or have Doctor of Chiropractic as part of their education information (thank goodness people divulge their lives on Facebook…it makes them WAY easier to stalk understand and target).

So when building a Facebook Ad you simply have to think about what you are trying to achieve. In our case the purpose of the Facebook Ad is to sell the click to your landing page…not all that difficult a concept is it?

The careful wording of your Ad is likely the most important aspect of any of this and there are a million and one ways to take a shot at it. You can do this through curiosity, you can do this with a clear message, you can do this by promising them FREE Value (the lead magnet you use will be an important factor in what you pay per click) you can even do this by speaking directly to a pain point.

Personally, I like to use an angle – something that will capture attention and allow me to demonstrate I’m talking directly to them.

In addition I like all of my offers to meet the following criteria.

  • Be unique both in approach and what’s offered
  • Provide a high perceived value for your targeted prospect
  • Solve a REAL problem (pain point)
  • Easy and cheap for you to implement (I like to make money)

I also like to use different offers all the time (change it up). For this example I’m going to use a done for you service that makes collecting reviews super simple, you can purchase and just implement into your client’s site. It will have a very high-perceived value, it will be unique, it solves a real problem and it is cheap to implement.

Just to note – as a tripwire offer I give this away at an irresistible price (but I sell this to clients at nice markups as a back end offer).

I’ll reveal the product at the end of this post…after all I’m a marketer and I want to keep you hooked until the end.

Here is how I would put this all together and target our chiropractors.

Facebook Ad Copy Example

Attention Chiropractors:

Struggling to get your patients to leave Yelp & Google reviews? We know how important social proof is to new clients. Our FREE PDF visual guide will show you how to solve this problem easily. Should have been required learning at chiropractic college!

Download This FREE PDF now!

Now that you’ve got their attention you need to ensure you deliver on the Lead Magnet you’ve offered. I do the following;

  • Pull together a PDF document that includes HUGE value for a chiropractor
  • Simplify it to a single page flow chart so they can visualize everything that would happen.
  • How it would integrate into their practice
  • How they can use an auto responder to stay in touch with patients, and automate asking for reviews
  • How they can ensure all patients leave good reviews
  • And then, I’d provide subject lines for the email series
  • Explain the benefit of having positive reviews on bringing in new patients

You get the picture…I’d add a TON of value (I call this the hook and bait….come here little fishy, fishy, fishy).

You want to make the offer appear to be so compelling that they MUST HAVE this free PDF package. Remember a lead magnet should be a specific solution to a specific problem. Make sure the landing page calls out their existing problem (lack of reviews) agitate (new patients choose DC based on social proof) then offer the pdf as a solution.

There is only one rule with this and all lead generation that I’ll hit you over the head with now. If you make an offer…DELIVER ON IT!

Using an opt-in on your landing page, have them fill in their name and email address so you can send them the FREE PDF package lead magnet.

Important Note: Don’t forget to put a pixel on the landing page so you can retarget them on Facebook (see…stalking IS good). If you don’t know how to do this you can check out my SEO Cheat Guide Adroll Setup

Once a potential customer opts in to receive the lead magnet I bring them to my thank you page, on it you need to make sure you do one thing…thank them…I know very original!

But!! I don’t stop there because now I have an engaged prospects attention. I use the opportunity to acknowledge that if they are like most of my “Chiropractor Clients” they are busy running their practice… This is my prelude to making their lives easier so I will follow with something like this;

“In an effort to save you time I have prepared a short video which will walk you through ALL the information from the PDF package that will arrive in your inbox shortly.

I have held nothing back and I will explain everything you need to know to go and implement it in your practice.”

I then let them see a Video Sales Letter which brings them through the value I have prepared for them in the PDF. This video explains all the steps that would be required, etc. and it does it immediately.

We go through the information in enough detail to explain that while it is not hard it will take time to implement properly (and we already know time is a pain point for everyone).

They’re securely hooked now so this is when we make the tripwire pitch (which is the done for you service that WE will provide).

Remember: This pitch is meant to be an irresistible offer so make sure you keep the price CHEAP. You are not trying to make money with this offer, just convert prospects into clients.

The real money gets made with back end offers. Once they get to know, like and trust you.

I try to price the one time service as low as I can (generally I’m just trying to cover my ad spend to acquire new clients). I’m happy to eat the cost of the set-up of the trip wire because unlike my competition I know the lifetime value of my average client (thank you Ian).

So what is the Next Step?

Recap: They have opted onto your list, you have sent them the lead magnet, and your thank you page made them an offer to watch the video.

Now you need to build an auto responder that will encourage them to come back and watch your video sales letter that ends with offering the done-for-you service.

I generally build out 6-10 emails. The purpose is to get them to know, like and trust me (KLT). As well it gets them to come back and watch the video sales letter so they can buy our tripwire offer.

If they buy the tripwire offer, we move them from the opt in list to the tripwire list so they no longer receive the initial emails (there is nothing more annoying than being pitched on something you’ve already bought).

Our next objective is to over deliver on the tripwire offer. We make sure we provide exceptional service, and communication (the KLT factor again).

This is our opportunity to shine and make sure we provide incredible value for the money they spent. This begins their movement into a lifetime buyer.

For good measure we generally have back end offers which could be a core product like SEO, PPC service, funnel building etc. These products will all be offered at our normal juicy margins!

Depending on the lead generation campaign being used we may have it set up to automatically pitch the next service to the prospect or we may manually move them into another auto responder sequence meant to move them up the value chain (cha-ching).

The more of this process you can automate the more time you will have to focus on the highest and best use of your time (because you want to make more money).

Generally entrepreneurs have a tendency to be great idea people. The downside is they have a hard time focusing on what Gary Keller calls the “One Thing”. This is the one thing you can do that will make doing the other things easier or irrelevant.


As you start to understand what it costs to attract a new customer you will be able to build out exactly what level of investment will be required to deliver those clients to yourself. Then by focusing on building a quality lead generation program that attracts your ideal buyers and automatically moves them from prospects to clients, you will quickly be able to grow your business PROFITABLY.

That’s it! You now know the nuts and bolts of how to generate proper leads and ones that will deliver value to you.

Now it’s my turn to deliver value to YOU!

As promised here is a great product to offer to use as a lead magnet.

Head over to and check out their customer review process (I have ABSOLUTELY NO affiliation with them).

You can try it free for 1 month, but they also have different packages.

This is a perfect tripwire, and it carries huge value for any service-based business, as EVERYONE needs reviews for their business. Once you start using this as a tripwire it is easy to see how you will get your cost per client down to $10 per month. Be creative with this…. I assure you it WORKS WELL!

I hope you got a ton of value from this post, please do me a favor and hit the share button below.

If you have any questions please post them below and i’ll be sure to answer them all.

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  1. Tony

    Great post, thank you! I’m a bit confused, however.
    I’m picturing a sequence like this: my local bakery is struggling financially due to lack of customers. I tell them that I can solve that problem if they go to my website and download the PDF that explains how they can solve that problem. Once I have their email address (this is where I get confused), I send them an email offering them a white label version of Then if they buy that (for $30/month, for example), I continue to sell them more services? Is that correct?

    1. Post
      Stuart Trier

      Hi Tony,

      The process is a bit different.
      You’d target a certain type of audience in your example bakery.

      You’d show them an offer which would follow the (Problem, Agitate, Solve) formula.

      You’d point out that one of the reasons the baker is not busy is because they don’t have any reviews on (google, yelp, facebook, etc)…

      Happy client reviews act as social proof that the baker is doing a good job.

      You’d explain to them how they can get reviews, how the process works, what would be required to set it up in their business.

      Now of course the baker is busy baking, and not nearly as technically inclined as you are…

      You’d then offer to set this process up for them, hence solving their issue and helping them get social proof that they are the towns best bakery.

      Does that clarify things?

      You would point an problem they have “need a larger flow of new patients” coming into their practice.

      You’d agitate that problem by pointing out what it is costing them not to have new patients coming in. Less revenue, less profits, etc.

      You’d offer to help them with a solution..

  2. Jason Yesser

    Hey Stuart,

    Your post is spot on! I’ve struggled with building a value funnel like that in the past and it’s funny because I went from building funnels to client SEO and I’ve realized that I needed to keep the same business model in the SEO business to attract new clients as well as the blogging/funnel business. Your post is what I wish I would have done from the start once I switched business models. It just works. I appreciate the knowledge bombs my friend. Be great!

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