how to make lead generation easy

How To Make Lead Generation Easy

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Lead Generation Hack – 5 New Ways To Generate Income

As marketers we have to keep an eye out for new and creative ways to keep our client’s happy BUT even more important than that, we need to find ways to increase the number of services we offer to our clients because that’s what drives our own revenues.  This newest lead generation hack will help you achieve both!

Today I want to talk to you about lead generation hack #4 where you can turn a small investment of only $39, into hundreds if not thousands of dollars really easily.

The best part of this hack is that it doesn’t matter what type of digital marketing agency you run.

Maybe you sell SEO, maybe you sell Facebook ads, PPC, content marketing.  It really doesn’t matter.

The product I’m going to show you today can be used as a lead magnet, a front end or tripwire offer, a back-end or profit maximizer for your existing clients, or you can use it to actually do SEO and build authority for your marketing site in the niche that you serve.

What I’m going to show you is how you can do this fairly easily for any of these.

This was today’s daily AppSumo deal. I saw this on Local Client Takeover where Ian posted this as a potential idea.

easy lead generation

I thought I would jump on it to test it out and see if it made sense to deploy.  Mor importantly though I wanted to see if we would be able to make some money, or if it was just another time-consuming offering that we buy, we put on the shelf, and we don’t use.

Spoiler Alert: This one is an absolute gem!

What I wanted to do is see if we can use this tool as a lead gen strategy.

What the tool does is it goes out and allows you to add as many Facebook pages, business Facebook pages as you want, and it allows you to sort them.

How is that helpful as a lead generation hack?

Well, the nice thing about it is that is shows you all the stats for whatever page you want to look at.

So I went and tried it out by finding a dental site that has 24,000 likes (I’m mildly disturbed that so many people like going to the dentist but hey…it’s a pretty impressive stat).

The tool then allows you to see all kinds of information related to that Facebook page. You can see information on Post performance, post daily evolution, post daily evolution by type, so on and so forth.

It’s just a lot of data, but that data doesn’t really mean anything to us from a monetization strategy BUT what I wanted to point out is that it tells you what posts have the most engagement by reach, reactions, comments, shares, and engagement.

THAT’s where the gold is for your lead generation strategy!

The nice thing about having all this information is that it makes it easy for us to sort and take those posts as templates for what we should deploy in our niche (all the benefits and none of the work…PERFECT!).

It allows you to go back to the beginning of time for when that Facebook page was created. Right now I’m only using a month, but you can put in whatever you want.

My understanding is, you can go back to the beginning of Facebook if you wish. You can look at all kinds of niches and really begin to hone in on what’s working and what’s not for other people (and for the creatively challenged or those with a little mind block going on, this is perfect).

I’ve tried this and I’ve checked out what’s working for all sorts of niches.

For example, if you were running a local pizza store, you’d be able to go to Domino’s.

If you’re looking for like life coaching and that kind of work you can look at what Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk are doing.

There’s all kinds of hacks that you can really look at to develop some ideas for use in your own niche and often times you’ll already know that these ideas have worked for a similar business.

So really what I wanted to do is walk you through how you would deploy this in your business to gain you more revenue.

Step 1 – Perform A Roundup In Your Niche

I would personally take a VA and I would tell them, “Listen, this is what I want you to do. I want you to do a roundup for me. I want you to go to the top 10 cities, and take the top 10 listings, and look up their Facebook pages, and then give me the top 10 posts that they have and the number of engagements they got.”

I mean, you can do this for 100, or you can get to 1,000 this way depending on how many you want!

Step 2 – Summarize The Results

Then you’d have the VA build out a summary of these posts and you’d have them put that together in a social media calendar for you.

The benefit here is that you’d have 100 different posts that are the most engaged with in that particular niche.

Step 3 – Monetize Your Work

Now for the most important question. How do we monetize it?

Well there are several ways I can see already.

Revenue Generator #1 – Tripwire Offer

First Off, we could sell this as a tripwire or a lead offer to new ideal prospects.

It would be something along the lines of, “Let us take care of your social media or Facebook page, and we’re willing to do this for the low introductory cost of $$$.”

Again, this is just a way of opening the door, getting your foot in, and then warming that client up.

Delivering that much needed WOW experience is easy because you’ve curated this information from all these related sites and you’re only dealing with the most engaged.  Chances are if they got great engagement in Chicago, there’s a good chance they’re going to get engagement in Boston, or Sydney, or Toronto.

Really what we’re doing is we’re taking crowd-sourcing and we’re putting it to use in your agency so you can deliver that WOW experience so that you can secure even more future business from your clients.

You’s simply post these (perhaps with slight alterations) and it should build that engagement on their Facebook page and you should be able to build off that since your foot is already in the door.

Revenue Generator #2 – Sell To Digital Marketers

As another avenue, you could also sell it as a product to digital marketers.

For example, if somebody came to you and let’s say you had 15 dentists and they had the 100 top posts and they’re willing to aggregate it and give you a calendar, is that something that you would pay $100 for if you had 10 clients, 100 clients, 50 clients in that niche?

Hint: You’d say yes!

Certainly it would be something of value for your business, so you can become the salesperson and have a VA collect that information and then you just reach out to those digital marketing agencies that sell into that niche and you’d simply provide it to them as a done-for-you service.

Revenue Generator #3 – Current Client Sales Boost

As a third possibility you can take this information and sell it to your existing clients where this becomes a back-end product where you’re able to charge a premium.

Since you now have this crowd-sourced information it is a GREAT revenue generator that really costs you very little.

It is simple to really deliver that WOW experience for your client because you’re building engagement on their Facebook page through leveraging what other people have pulled together.

Little work, more pay….YES PLEASE!

Is there more?!?!  OF course.

Revenue Generator #4 – Lead Magnet Approach

As a fourth possibility, you could also use this as a lead magnet.

Think of it like this.

You take the top 10 Facebook posts across those top 10 cities, across those top 100 companies in the niche, you pull those together, and you write something like, “Top 10 Facebook posts to build engagement for (whatever niche you’re in).”

You allow prospects to download that as a lead magnet and then you also have the other 90 that you could drip out to them as built-in content.

What that’s doing is, it’s positioning you as an expert, somebody who obviously understands this niche and someone who has a lot of insider information.

Again, that authority and that positioning makes it a lot easier for you to sell your back-end product.

Remember though, this isn’t your core product.

This is just a foot in the door or a lead magnet to introduce you to that ideal prospect.

Revenue Generator #5 – Expert Positioning

The last thing that I would do with this is take the top post from the 50 top players in your niche and post them to your blog as ideas for business owners.

Really what you’re doing here is positioning yourself as is a thought leader for within you particular niche.

Once you put that post out, I would reach out to those top 50 companies and say, “Hey, listen. We’ve done an analysis of 1,000 posts, and you guys are in the top 50. We’d love to mention you and link to you. Here’s a badge. Would you mind sharing this post on your social media? Would you mind dropping a link or putting this badge on your site saying you’re one of the top 50 dental practices in North America for social media?”

This is intended to engage them to both put you on social media (so you get real social shares) and more-importantly get a link back from the site. That’s going to improve your SEO and help position you as an expert when all of these dentists are mentioning your blog, and all you do is dental marketing or roofing marketing or whatever the niche is that you serve.

Anyways, I hope you got something out of this.

Like I said, this was a daily deal today on AppSumo where you can find tons of great tools like this that will help you with some lead generation and revenue growth.

Remember though, the point of this video and blog isn’t to say that you should get necessarily get this tool or use this service it’s just that this deal is an example of the thing that you can do if you take a daily deal and think about ways that you can monetize it.

I have another video that talks about getting all you can out of everything you’ve got which you can check out using the link as it’s certainly something you should be deploying in your digital marketing agency.

Here are the other 3 Hacks in the series if you want to watch them.

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