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Foot In The Door Strategy For Lead Generation

We all know that the key to developing a long term digital marketing relationship with a client is to deliver results, but how do you get to that point if you can’t get them to open the door to you?  Well, I’ve got the ultimate foot in the door strategy for lead generation that I’ll share with you.

Today I want to talk to you about selling re-targeting as your Tripwire Offer.

As we’ve covered in previous videos, the purpose of the Tripwire Offer is really to warm up people that are prospects/leads and to give them an opportunity to interact with your business at a very low threshold of risk for them.

You want to offer something that is high value because that gets your foot in the door, builds rapport, gets them to know, like, and trust you, and ultimately gets them to purchase from you.

Offering re-targeting is a great way of doing all of that!

For those of you that are not familiar with re-targeting, it is is just an opportunity to pixel people that land on a site and then show them an ad to bring them back to the page or site that they left.

A lot of times what happens is that people land on a page and they’re not ready to take action right away so they leave.

If you don’t pixel them and re-market them, you have no opportunity of getting them back to complete a purchase.

You already did all the heavy lifting in terms of bringing them to the site, but if you don’t pixel them, there’s not an easy way to bring them back to an offer or push them towards some kind of content marketing strategy that you have.

This is an easy and legitimate way to get your foot in the door with your ideal prospects in a niche that you serve.

The best part about this is that it’s super easy to have a VA or an employee go out and build a targeted list of prospects for you so that you’re able to put this Tripwire Offer in front of those prospects quickly.

All you really need to do is hop into Google and download the Ghostery plug-in.  This plug-in will let you know which of the URL’s you visit have a pixel installed and which don’t.  It’s those that DON’T who are your targets because you now know they are missing a key tool in their marketing toolbox.

When you’ve downloaded the plug-in things get even easier to build your list of targeted prospects.

Simply Google your city and niche and begin to check each site to see who does and who does not have a re-targeting pixel installed on their site. If they do not, you simply want to take down the information and look up the contact information for someone to send your cold e-mail to.

If you need some help with searching out quality contact information you can check out our video for a great hack to find prospect’s emails here.

When you navigate to any URL all you need to do is click on the little ghost that pops up in your system tray and it will tells you what kind of Javascripts are running on this page.

This tactic is a perfect way for you to have a legitimate reason to reach out to the prospect, point out something that’s wrong with their site, and ask for an opportunity to fix it by offering them a done-for-you service if it’s something they want to take you up on.

If not, offer them a free guide to walk them through how they can do it themselves. Either way, you’re positioning yourself as an expert in the market and it’s just a great thing for you to do for securing future business and notoriety in your area.

To make things easy on you and so you can get started right away here is my free guide for how to set up your Facebook Pixel for re-targeting.

As a note (and for some additional sales) this is something you should be doing for your existing clients as well.

Use this effective tripwire offer for yourself and boost your revenue today.

Good Luck and happy prospecting!


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