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Hi All,

Google has made it more competitive than ever to rank in the local 3 pack. Our clients all wish it was back to 7 packs, but we at SEO Cheat Guides are here to make that process just a little easier for you.

Check out our series ‘Rank in the Local 3 Pack’ which will provide you with step-by-step guides for the tasks that need to be completed to ensure your client moves up the rankings.

Hope you enjoy,
Stuart Trier

Check out the first guide in our series for setting up a new Google business listing


Does someone appear to have your business listing registered already?

No problem! Check out our guide on how to Claim and Existing Business Listing


One of the first steps to rank a client is to get them set-up with the various accounts that they’ll need to move forward.

Here are the guides we give our VA’s to set up Youtube, Facebook and Twitter as well as IFTTT.

We’ve also included the guides we use to syndicate out YouTube video’s for local map pack ranking.

You can post video and use the description to build a link back to whatever you are trying to rank.

For local maps ranking you could put in the NAP (name address and phone number) and URL then have IFTTT syndicate it out to Facebook, Twitter, and of course other social and web 2.0’s.

Hope you enjoy!

IFTT Account and Recipe Creation ->http://goo.gl/3F2zdG
Twitter Business Account Set-up ->http://goo.gl/VlymTQ
Client Facebook Account Set-uphttp://goo.gl/VorSYG
YouTube Channel Set-up (Step 1) ->http://goo.gl/JkQ9C4
YouTube Channel Set-up (Step 1) ->http://goo.gl/PtqGke
Client’s Instagram Set-up->http://goo.gl/RbQYZr
Client’s Tumblr Set-up->http://goo.gl/v9fWj0

We use this guide for local business schema.

It walks our virtual assistants through our general process for pulling schema.

Get the Free Guide here

Special Note

We have also developed a quick schema generator tool which you can use to produce the right code.

Check it out here;

We use the following two guides to have our team add geo-coordinates and geo-tags to photos. This is a strong part of local SEO, and helps with LSI and KW tied to client locations.

Please Note: Picasa is no longer going to be supported, but will update guide shortly with our new guide.


I thought that I would share another step-by-step guide to help you in your quest to rank in the Local 3 Pack.

This one will walk your employee or virtual assistant through how to pull a competitive analysis of citations for companies ranking in the local 3 pack.

I use this to build the list of citations we need to leapfrog our clients competitors.

Download Here http://goo.gl/SjAEC4

Use this guide to get an unstructured citation from Pinterest and Foursquare which will help with local SEO and ranking in the 3 pack.

Best of all you can hand the whole process of to your virtual assistant or employee and just let our SEO Cheat Guide walk them through it.

First give them this guide to have them set up Foursquare so that their site is set up and can be pulled by Pinterest.

Here is the Foursquare guide http://goo.gl/QTO8nq

For added boost the Pinterest guide shows you how to get the embed code from Pinterest. Once you have the embed code you can hop over to Fiverr or source market and buy a gig to have it posted on web 2.0 to build tier 2 links.

Download Here:

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