Remarkable Local Business Owner Shares Why 415 Customers Left Reviews

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In today’s interview I sat down with Jay Sofer and asked him about his remarkable story..

Jay started his local business right after the great recession of 2008…

He was in college working toward his degree, and had a part time job as a locksmith to support himself..

BAM, the economy collapsed, the company he worked for closed up shop.

No way to pay his school bills, his rent, or even for food, he moved back in with his mom…

From those humble beginnings he shared his story..

He is the most reviewed locksmith in NYC – a service that is typically not thought of as highly reviewed..

How motivated would you be to review your locksmith?

Well Jay will share how he has managed to generate 415 reviews

YES, 415 reviews


I wanted to speak to him to hear about how he managed to do this…

any tips, trick, and insight he could share with us..

So we can put them to use in our businesses, or help our clients.


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