Why You Are Responsible for Your Problem Clients and How to Fix It

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In today’s video, I want to talk to you about why you have problem clients. Why it’s your fault. How you can stop taking problem clients into your practice and really make sure that you’re working with people that energize and inspire you to do your greatest work and really make having your consulting business fun, enjoyable and challenge you at a high level.

All right. One of the things that I see very often happening in digital marketing is we allow our clients to come in and dictate what we’re gonna be doing for them. What this does is, they come in, and they ask us a certain number of questions, right? Are you going to provide? How much time are you gonna spend? How much time is it going to take for you to get the result? They’re asking these questions and framing it up in such a way that they’re able to assess the value based on some metric that they have in their head about the service that you offer.

Very often, we end up quoting them on the work that they are asking about, even though we know as experts that the work that they’re asking us to quote on won’t necessarily get them to the objective they’re trying to achieve. So, we set them up to fail in a certain sense, right? What ends up happening is one of two things. We provide them with a quote, or a proposal that says we’re gonna do A, B, C, D, and it’s gonna cost you X dollars per month. But, we know that A, B, C, D, is not gonna achieve the outcome they want. But, we want the client, and we figure we’ll deal with it.

Then one of two things ends up happening. In order to get them the results that they ultimately want, we end up doing E, F, G, H, I, J, K, for the price that we’ve quoted on this front end. That’s one of the times that us, as marketers, define our clients as problem clients because they’re not getting the solution, and we’re begrudgingly doing all of this extra work that wasn’t part of the initial quote, in order to try to achieve those results for them. We end up being frustrated. We think of them as a problem client because they expect to get a result based on work that they’re not paying for.

But, really, the problem is, we’ve allowed them to come into our business and dictate what we were gonna quote. Because we want to provide them with value, we end up doing this extra work. And, we end up doing this extra work for free. Which just lowers our margins and creates a situation where they are a problem client. They’re sucking up our time, and they’re not valuing our time because we allowed them to value our time based on a false premise, or a false sense of what was going to be done.

What I’m proposing here is we need to do a better job as marketers in the beginning educating the client on what is required to go from point A to point B. One of the questions we need to understand when we’re starting this engagement is, where are you today, what are you trying to achieve, what are the steps in our process to get you there. Maybe you’ll have a five step process. Maybe you’ll have a ten step process. You need to educate the client as to why all of those things are important in order to achieve that solution. When you do that, then you’re in a situation where you can deliver on the actual objective the client wants.

You don’t a client who’s not willing to pay you for all of those steps. That’s the problem client. You’re setting yourself up to take on a problem client by taking this little budget here and trying to deliver the whole service. When you get a client, and they understand that you’re the expert. You’ve detailed that you have an eight or a ten or a five or a seven step process, to take them from point A to point B to solve their problem and give them the objective they want.

The reason that you can’t do it for just this, which they understand, is because this is basic, and they’re competition is doing more. Even though it’s unbeknownst to them the tactical things that are happening in the background, we need to explain and set that expectation and educate them to be a better buyer of the service and say, this is the value we’re gonna create. It’s gonna take all ten of these steps to get you this outcome.

I’d be doing a disservice by saying I can deliver it for this. I know a lot of my competitors will come in and tell you they can do it. But, they can’t. The reason they can’t do it is because there’s too many steps. It’s not profitable work so ultimately, what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna take your money, they’re gonna sit there for six months and tell you it’s gonna take six months. They’re not gonna deliver. You think that you’re getting a better deal with them. But, ultimately, what you’re getting is nothing.

If you preemptively do that, you’re filtering your prospects into the ideal clients that you want to work with, who you’re setting up to deliver on their objectives and allow you to make the profit that you deserve for putting in the time, the effort, the energy into working on your craft.

Anyways, I hope you got something from this video. If you did, definitely hit the subscribe button below. Leave me a comment or a question. I’d love to hear if you have any kind of problem clients, how you’ve dealt with them. Have you been able to take them from problem clients and turn them into ideal clients? Or have you just found that some clients are ideal because they’re willing to pay for the actual service? Let’s have a discussion in the comments below and I’ll see you the next video.

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