How to Sell Outcomes – Not Services

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Selling to Customers – Sell Outcomes For Success

Selling to customers is likely the most daunting task for digital marketers world wide and the reason is because we need to take a different approach to stop selling services and start selling outcomes.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about who’s problem are you solving.

What we’re going to go through today is how you can produce content to attract your ideal prospects so they can see your real value.

The first step is that we’re going to figure out what type of business do you want to help.

It could be yoga studios, martial arts studios, escape rooms are really popular today.

It can be almost anything.

As Dan Kennedy always likes to say, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, it really doesn’t matter. Just pick who you want to help and once you do, it’s easy to sit there and decide what do your ideal clients want.

That’s the number one question!

What do they want?

Here’s a hint: They don’t want Facebook ads. They don’t want SEO. They don’t want PPC or really any other service that you have to offer.

These prospects very often just want more, as in more clients, more revenue, more profit, more time.

That’s what they want!

That’s the outcome they’re looking for when they’re in the market for anything is more of what they want and less of ‘your services’.

Stop focusing on what you want.

You want to sell more SEO. I get it.

You want to sell more PPC or more Facebook ads and I know it but the reality of it is that your clients don’t really care about you, and that’s just the nature of the game.

My clients don’t care about me. Your clients don’t care about you. We just need to accept that.

Once we understand and accept that, we can move on and become much better marketers.

Your prospects do care about themselves, and they care about their problems, and they only really buy outcomes, not services.

They’re really looking to go to a future state that they want.

Your product may be the solution to get them there, but they’re not buying the solution.

They’re buying the outcome.

It’s like Jay Abraham likes to say:

“Nobody buys a drill, they buy something to make a hole.”

They want that whole. That’s why they buy a drill.

How do we do this as marketers?

We need to bridge the gap for them by drawing the line between our services and the outcome they want.

They need you to take them from where they are today to where they want to go and you need to present this to them as a solution that bridges the gap so that they can see that your solution takes them from the state that they’re in (through a series of steps) to that end result that they want.

Again, your job with content marketing is to show them you understand where they are today.

By articulating a problem they have in their business better than they can do it, they naturally assume you have a solution to their problem.

Your clarity on their problem helps position you as someone that can solve it.

Then you need to sell the benefits. You need to paint a picture of that outcome they really want (i.e. more clients consistently coming into their business, or more money in their bank account, or more profit, or more revenue, or more time to focus on their passions).

We need to connect the dots between your solution and their outcome.

Whatever you sell, break it down into high level steps as they don’t care about the minutia and the tactics.

They’re not digital marketers. If they wanted to understand how SEO worked, they would take the time to learn how to do it BUT they don’t have the time and they don’t have the interest. If they did, they wouldn’t have the problem.

They’re in the market for your solution but you need to get them to that point.

It’s your job as a marketer to show them that your solution is going to take them from point A to point B as quickly as possible, as painless as possible, and hopefully without any road bumps along the way.

When you show them these steps and how to get to their outcome, it instills a lot of confidence.

The next step is that you want to invite them to have a discovery call with you.

This is not a sales call!

You ask them what their problem is, and then you shut up and let them tell you.

When they’re done telling you what their problem is, all you need to say is, “I understand. We’ve developed a solution for this exact problem.” Then you walk them through your high level breakdown of your solution to get them from where they are to where they want to go.

Then you simply ask them, “Would you like help solving this problem?”

That’s it!

You shut up and you wait for their answer.

If they say yes, you let them know you’ll prepare a proposal and present it to them on your next call. Would Tuesday at 4 o’clock work, or would Thursday at 2:30 be better?

That’s it.

That’s as simple as it needs to be, and that’s how you take them from content marketing to a paying client.

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Good luck and happy prospecting.

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