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Just like all other SEO’s out there I’ve searched out the use of almost every tool there is. While there are tons out there (some very good, some…not so much) I’ve come to find the magic in Majestic is in its simplicity. It has endless information and the ability to provide you with more than you can handle when you are doing competitor research, keyword analysis etc..

Perhaps one of the nicest features is the fact that you can export the data into Excel/CSV format (and for an Excel/Sheets lover like me this is key as I can manipulate the data in any way I want).

Two of my favorite uses of the Majestic system involve Anchor Text and Backlink research.  Majestic just makes it so easy to pull together the information quickly.

Below I’ll explain briefly what I’m doing with the information but check out the attached guide and get someone else to do the leg work for you!

Majestic Cheat Guide –

Anchor Text

This is one of those little things that can surprisingly make-or-break your SEO campaign.

Now that Penguin has bombed the use of 100% exact match anchors knowing what is working for the competition is more helpful than ever before.  You can even see what’s likely working for those competitors with big budgets who likely spend a lot on their optimization.

For competitor links with good flow metrics you can see what they are suing as anchor text and what they are linking to.

Essentially you want to check out how they are diversifying their anchor text and you want to ensure you have similar diversity (not necessarily the same text).

At the end of the day you are going to want to have a range of exact match, partial match, no match and naked URL anchor text but a little knowledge about what the competition is doing can go a long way.  Using Majestic to pull this information instantaneously helps speed up the process and insight building.


To keep it simple, there are a few things I am looking to learn with the information available so I’ve listed some of the main ones;

  • Competitor’s link building strategies
  • Competitor’s top performing areas
  • Underutilized link opportunities (on the client site)
  • Links that need to be removed

  • Linking Domain Quality
  • Linking Domain vs. total links (concentration risk)
  • Total Number of Links
  • Fresh Links
  • Number of unique domains linking

I hope this gives a little insight into what Majestic can be used to accomplish and just how magically easy it is to use!


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