Triple Your Leads With This One Simple Tactic

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Chances are you want more leads for your SEO business (if you don’t then we need to talk some sense into you).

More importantly you want leads that are engaged with your content, website, or service offering.

Adding an exit pop up is a GREAT way to generate these leads.

What’s an Exit Pop Up?

Simply put, it’s a window that shows up when someone tries to leave your page. When done right it is a relevant call to action that can engage with your audience and capture their contact information before they leave.

If you visit Neil Patel’s here is the pop-up you see when you try and leave the home page.

Kissmetrics Exit Pop-up

Neil’s use of the pop forces you to say “Yes”, get something for free and engage further with kissmetrics, or say “No” and acknowledge you want to be ignorant of your marketing results (he’s inciting you without becoming annoying).

Here’s an example from a marketing blog focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their lead list.

Marketing Exit Pop-up

As soon as you try to leave their page they offer you a piece of compelling content.

By dangling this relevant free content right before you plan to leave, they have an opportunity to add you to their lead list (why wouldn’t they? It’s possibly their last shot).

How can you use this for your SEO business?

An easy way would be to put a specific exit pop up for niche content on your site.

For example if you have a case study about chiropractors, or a blog post specific to chiropractors, you would add an exit pop up with a free lead magnet (specific to chiropractors) on that page.

You can get really creative with this process, but essentially you want to make an offer that your target audience will find highly appealing.

They will gladly exchange their contact information for your compelling free lead magnet. Then you can follow up with an auto responder series getting them to know, like, and trust you (The KLT factor which is KEY to the sales process).

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