How to use BuzzSumo to create content worth sharing

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How would you like to create content that is not only relevant but is 1,000x more likely to blow up and become a well read posting?

Well…I’m going to tell you how to take advantage of a great tool (free version works very well) that will drastically increase the chances that you’ll have a more successful posting.

As SEO’s we all understand the sheer importance of putting out as much quality content as possible.

The difficulty really lies in the fact that it is often a complete pain in the A** to dream up our next topic. On top of that we then have to agonize over how to make it relevant to as many people as possible.

Thankfully we can rest our weary heads and take a few more minutes to ourselves because there is already a free tool out there that will help you focus on the topics that are the most relevant (thus giving you WAY more opportunity to leverage what is already popular).

The tool I’m talking about is BuzzSumo and it is perhaps one of the most useful tools in the SEO’s arsenal right now and if you aren’t taking advantage of it then you are going to want to start taking notes (thankfully you likely know that I like to get right to the point).

BuzzSumo is a fantastic tool that allows you to search a keyword and or a competitor and see what is trending on the various social media platforms.

It’s like these wonderful people have given you a front of the line ticket to the hottest party and all you have to do is show up! It’s nice to hang out with the popular kids from time to time.

By searching your chosen topic (keyword) you can see what the social media world is buzzing about. You no longer have to guess what might be interesting to your readers and you’ll have to spend a LOT LESS TIME coming up with your next topic of discussion only to have your mom read it (Hi Mom!).

Clearly this is useful to your client work as well because you’ll be able to EASILY sift through what is popular in your client’s niche and should be able to use this information to produce great content that will drive traffic to their site

Check out our guide on how to use BuzzSumo to do some relevant content research. It’ll give you two things that you know we at SEO Cheat Guides love…


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