How to Use Free Training to Get Paying Clients

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Hey guys, Stuart Trier here from SEO Cheat Guides. So in today’s video I want to talk to you about how you can use free training to attract clients, paying clients into your business. This is something I see locally from a few agencies in different cities especially as I’m traveling. I like my open for this. What it is is they put on these little workshops in the town specifically around a topic, so they may do it for Facebook ads or they may do it for SEO or they may do it for Google My Business or maybe do it for content creation.

What you’re trying to do is you’re trying to bring in the local business owners and educate them on how they can put this to use in their business. A few things are going on when you do this. First of all you don’t have to bring in a massive group especially if you’re new to public speaking and that makes you a little bit nervous. You can bring in three, four, five, six different business owners and walk them through what you know about Facebook ads or like I said SEP, PPC, content creation, whatever it is. What I would do is I would record these sessions because a number of things at play.

Number one, you’re going to be viewed within the room as an expert, right? So your positioning is that of an expert and inevitably what’s going to end up happening is you’re going to teach them about a topic and most things, like most business owners are overworked. Even if they understand how to do social media or understand how to do Facebook ads, they’re likely not going to want to go do it themselves, and you become the natural choice for them to go to via that work.

This is something that you would do in terms of more at the beginning of your journey as you’re building your attract-convert-deliver business. When you’re just starting out, if you’re cash flow poor and you don’t have a lot of clients, this is just a great way to go out into your community and generate buzz and help people in the community, and ultimately start to land some paying clients.

I’ve seen this done, like I said, in my community. There’s a little company here called Web Works. It’s run by three sisters and every month they put on a different workshop and I’ve gone and I’ve sat in on a couple of them. Generally there’s somewhere between 10 and 15 people in attendance. Most of them are small business owners in the community, and they end up landing 30% of the room with business. I’m guesstimating on the 30% but it’s just in terms of people I’ve talked to at these events. They end up going to these girls for their work. It just makes sense. They’re providing a service to people. They’re educating them on it.

Really, if you do it properly, and these girls actually do a really good job, they show them what’s possible. How they can take social media and apply it to their business and generate an ROI or how they can take SEO, apply it to the specific businesses in the room and generate an ROI. Same with Facebook ads, and inevitably what ends up happening is this is how they’re getting their paid clients.

If you get to a little bit of a larger scale, Garrett [Nann 00:02:59] who I’ve interviewed actually on the show has a similar strategy he put into place. He went out and did some marketing, and he brought in more of his ideal clients into a room. I think he had something like 17 or 18 clients in the room. He did an hour presentation, walking them through digital marketing for their businesses, and ended up landing, I think it was something like seven out of the 15 clients. It’s somewhere in the area of $40,000 annual revenue that he’s going to generate off that room, off that one talk that he did. So this is something that you could put to use in the beginning of your business, in the middle, and even once you’re larger you could start to pull together that group. You may want to get to speak in front of larger groups so that you can do it on a larger scale.

But anyways, I hope you got something out of this. If you did, definitely hit the Subscribe button below. Give me a thumbs up. YouTube loves it, as do I. Leave a comment below. If you have any questions about what you would present, feel free to drop below. I’m happy to engage with you here on the channel and I’ll see you in the next video.

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