How I use Last Pass to manage employee access

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I received a question about security and how I manage my team of VA’s and the risk associated with giving them access to different sites.

Great question! Here is how I do it.

I use a site called – I have attached a video below that walks you through the steps

I’ll focus on the specific applications for SEO / Digital Marketing and how I use it.

I have the premium account which at this time costs $12 per year. If you use this affiliate link you will get a free month (full disclosure, so will I – Yippee we both save $1.00)

This site in a nutshell allows you to create one master password – and then control access to every site you manage.

Gmail Accounts
Wordpress Logons
Applications (Majestic, SEMRush, HREFS, Keyword tools, etc.)
Client Sites (Servers, wordpress, FTP, etc)
Any site that requires your logon information can be stored in Last Pass.

Once set-up, you can then invite your VA to set up an account (free for them) and you can provide access to whatever accounts you want them to access.

They don’t get the logon information or password just access through lastpass filling it in for them.

This makes life very easy.  You simply assign a task and then assign your VA access.
When it is done you remove their access and you’re all secure!

No more giving them logons and passwords for 50+ sites, then having to go back and delete them or change passwords when you move to another step or change VA’s.

You can even set up different access for different people in your organization (some will have more, some less).

This system is easy to manage and worth the investment of $1.00 per month.

I hope you find this useful, and please PM me on Facebook or email me with any other questions you have.

You can watch the video explaining all the functionality of Last Pass here.