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You asked for it….you got it!

It might have taken a bit of time to get this together as we are working on putting together a couple of incredible programs for you but you have to wait no longer.

Our team here at SEO Cheat Guides has put together the ‘Coles Notes’ on White Hat SEO.

This posting won’t include all of the traditional guides for your Virtual Assistant (quite yet) but it should give you virtually all of the tools you’ll need to start making some headway with your White Hat efforts.

For those who have tried it or for those who have researched it, there is no secret that using White Hat techniques is more time consuming than using Black Hat…or for the purists…Grey Hat techniques.

The biggest benefit of White Hat SEO is the lack of risk you take on for yourself and your client. Google won’t have any issues with a link or your site if you go out and prospect the link opportunity from a relevant and reputable source.

With these techniques there are no PBN’s powering your money site that risk getting everything de-indexed and there are no links coming from questionable sources that can cause Google to downgrade your ranking.  It’s just full of good old fashioned elbow grease.

Keeping in mind the time consuming nature of White Hat work we have tried to provide you with a concise framework and have even attached an example pitch letter for the various link prospects you will learn in the guide.  These should make your efforts a little less ‘work’…and let’s be serious…we want to do as little of that as possible.

Get a copy of the guide by following the link here and check out the post below for links to the pitch letters ->http://goo.gl/puuG8D

Enjoy and please add your comments on how you perform your own White Hat Techniques.  We can all keep learning!


In order to save you some time SEO Cheat Guides has created a template of the various letters we use in our own business to pitch people who will let us post a link to our site or will post one for us!

The important thing to remember here is that you are pitching to different individuals with different motivations for allowing a link. The more you cater to who they are and what their motivations are the more likely you are to get that link!

Remember too that offering something to someone in return is ALWAYS a great motivator. Work with your client and your own skills and you can almost always come up with an offering of some kind.

Check out our templates below;

Broken Link Building Pitch – http://goo.gl/LL5tR7

Guest Post Pitch – http://goo.gl/AXGAcv

Link to Local Business Site Pitch –http://goo.gl/K1YZLJ

Paid Advertising Pitch – http://goo.gl/ifSfvS

We hope this works as well for you as it does for us.

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